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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

UC                                Culver      1946    unpiloted drone - redes. TD4C

UC (U-1)    Otter                 De Havil.   1960    USN U-1

UF (SA-16)  Albatross             Grumman     1948    USN/USCG redes. PF/JR2F - utility amphibian

UO (U-11)   Aztec                 Piper       1960    USN utility

UV          Hercules              Lockheed    1954    USN Arctic ski-equipped C-130B - later LC-130F

UV (C-140)  JetStar               Lockheed    1960    cancelled USN C-140

U-1                               Caspar      1922    experimental flying boat

U-1 (UC)    Otter                 De Havil.   1955    Army/USN transport/liaison civilian DHC-3 -
                                                      redes. C-137 - redes. from USN UC in 1962

U-2         Gray Ghost,           Lockheed    1955    high-altitude photographic recon., special &
            Shady Lady, Angel, Dragon Lady            multisensor recon. - later modified into TR-1

U-3         Blue Canoe/Bird,      Cessna      1962    USAF/Army all-weather utility transport,
            Administrator                             testbed civilian Model 310/320 - redes. L-27

U-4         Commander             Aero Design 1962    redesignated USAF L-26

U-5         Twin Courier          Helio-GAC   1964    utility cargo transport

U-6         Beaver                D.H.C.      1962    USN/Army utility transport civilian DHC-2 -
                                                      redes. L-20

U-7         Seneca                Piper       1962    utility commercial aircraft - redes. L-21

U-8         Seminole              Beech       1962    Army utility transport civilian Twin Bonanza -
                                                      redes. L-23D/F

U-9         Commander             Aero Design 1962    redesignated Army L-26

U-10        Super Courier         Helio-GAC   1962    USAF/Army transport, liaison, COIN - redes.

U-11 (UO)   Aztec                 Piper       1962    USN trainer, liaison, navigational recon. -
                                                      redes. UO

U-16        Albatross             Grumman     1962    USN redes. SA-16 - general utility

U-17        Skywagon              Cessna      1962    utility transport civilian Model 185

U-18        Navion                North Amer. 1962    Army utility - redes. L-17

U-23        Peacemaker            Fair. Hil.  1971    STOL attack utility - COIN, FAC,
                                                      liaison,photographic recon., transport

U-24        Stallion              Helio-GAC   1971    competitor U-23

U-25        Huron                 Beech       1962    temporary designation Army C-12

U-25        Guardian,Interceptor, Dassault    1982    USCG SAR civilian Mystere-Falcon
            Falcon                Breguet

U-26                              Cessna      1982    utility Model 206 - confiscated by DEA

U-27                              Cessna      1987    photo observation civilian Caravan I

U-38        Twin Condor           Schweizer   1995    USCG SA2.38 / mod. RG-8A for recon. of surface vessels -
                                                      2 larger engines, twin-boom, tricycle gear
                                                      non-standard designation

UA-1        Skywarrior            Douglas     1962    USN target tug - redes. AD-5

UA-3        Skywarrior            Douglas     196?    navigator/pilot trainer-mod.

UB-26 (JD)  Invader               Douglas     1962    redesignated JD

UC-8        Buffalo               D.H.C.      1970?   utility transport C-8

UC-12D      Huron                 Beech       1975    USN/USMC/Army utility/cargo C-12

UC-26                             Fairchild-  199?    USANG - mod. C-26 with sensor package

UC-27                             Fokker      1965    USN utility transport C-27

UC-35                             Cessna      1996    Army utility transport - civ. Citation V

UC-36       Electra               Lockheed    1943    utility transport - redes. C-36

UC-37       Electra               Lockheed    1943    utility transport - redes. C-37

UC-40       Electra               Lockheed    1943    utility transport - redes. C-40

UC-43       Traveler              Beech       1943    utility transport - redes. C-43

UC-45       Expeditor             Beech       1962    redes. TC-45J when mission changed

UC-61       Forwarder             Fairchild   1943    utility transport - redes. C-61

UC-64       Norseman              Noorduyn    1943    USAAF/Army utility transport - redes. C-64

UC-67       Dragon                Douglas     1943    utility transport - redes. C-67

UC-70       Nightingale           Howard      1943    utility transport - redes. C-70

UC-71       Executive             Spartan     1943    utility transport - redes. C-71

UC-72                             Waco        1943    utility transport - redes. C-72

UC-77                             Cessna      1942    utility transport C-77 - impressed civ. C-34

UC-78       Bobcat,Bamboo Bomber, Cessna      1943    utility transport - redes. C-78
            Double-Breasted Cub, Rhapsody in Glue, Useless 78

UC-81       Reliant               Stin.Vul.   1943    utility transport - redes. C-81

UC-83       Coupe                 Piper       1943    utility transport - redes. C-83

UC-95       Grasshopper           Taylorcr.   1943    utility transport - redes. C-95

UC-96                             Fairchild   1943    utility transport - redes. C-96

UC-100      Gamma                 Northrop    1943    utility transport - redes. C-100

UC-101      Vega                  Lockheed    1943    utility transport - redes. C-101

UC-123B     Ranch Hand, Provider  Fairchild   1960?   Agent Orange dispenser C-123

UC-126                            Cessna      1949    Army light transport, liaison, trainer C-126 -
                                                      later U-20 - civilian Model 195

UC-880                            Convair     1980    USN civilian Convair 880 tanker, utility C-880-
                                                      non-standard des.

UF                                Vought      1922    initial designation UO

UH-1        Huey, Iroqouis, Hog,  Bell        1962    Army/USN/USMC/USAF multirole utility
            Slick, Dust Off                           helicopter - redes. HU-1

UH-1M       INFANT, Nighthawk,    Bell        1968    Iroqouis Night Fighter ANd Tracker-modified
            Huey                                      UH-1C with LLLTV & IR searchlights

UH-1N       Twin Huey             Bell        1971    USAF/USN/USMC twin-engined UH-1

UH-2        Seasprite             Kaman       1962    utility H-2

UH-3        Sea King, Marine One  Sikorsky            Executive Flight Detachment H-3 - presidential

UH-12                             Bell        1950?   utility H-12

UH-13       Sioux                 Bell        1950?   USN/USAF/USMC/Army utility H-13 - redes. in
(HUL)                                                 1962 from HUL

UH-19       Chickasaw             Sikorsky    1950?   Army utility H-19 - UH-19F redes. from
(HO4S)                                                USN/USMC HO4S-3 in 1962

UH-21       Shawnee, Work Horse,  Piasecki    1962    utility transport H-21 (HRP)
            Flying Banana

UH-34       Seahorse,             Sikorsky    1962    USMC utility H-34 - redes. HUS
                                                           Dog (UH-34D)

UH-43       Huskie                Kaman       1962    utility H-43 - redes. HUK

UH-46       Sea Knight            Boeing V.   1964    USN search/replenishment (VERTREP) H-46

UH-60       Black Hawk, Catfish,  Sikorsky    1975    Army UTTAS H-60 (UH-60A) - production model
             Crash Hawk, Lawn Dart                    reengined (UH-60L) - variant later stretched
                                                      and reequipped (UH-60M)

UH-60A      Credible Hawk         Sikorsky    1980    USAF - converted HH-60 Night Hawk with
                                                      improved fuel capabilities

UH-60A      CINC Hawk             Sikorsky    1988    Army - modified UH-60 with extra radio &
                                                      communication gear designed for CINC's

UH-61                             Boeing V.   1977    Army - competitor UH-60 for UTTAS contract

UO                                Vought      1922    USN/USCG battleship observation floatplane
                                                      VE-7, VE-9 - redes. UF

UP-3        Orion                 Lockheed    ?       stripped P-3 used for light utility

US-2        Tracker               Grumman     1962    target tug, utility - redes. S2F-2U

US-3        Viking                Lockheed    1976    COD S-3

USD-9                             Eng. Div./  1917    Army -American built DH-9 (modified DH-4)

UV-18       Twin Otter            D.H.C.      1976    Army utility STOL transport V-18 with floats,
                                                      skis, or conventional landing gear - modified
                                                      civilian DHC-6

UV-20       Chiricahua            Pilatus     1979    Army STOL transport, VIP transport,
                                                      aeromedical evacuation V-20

UV-23       Scout                 Skytrader   1989    Army special operations STOL airlift V-23
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