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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

TA                                Atlantic    1928    USMC tri-motor transport - similar to Army C-2

TB                                Boeing      1921    USN/USMC torpedo bomber/attack flying boat
                                                      biplane - competitor T3M

CT                                Curtiss     1922    USN torpedo flying boat

DT                                Douglas     1921    USN/USMC torpedo biplane

T2D                               Douglas     1927    Douglas-built TN

T3D                               Douglas     1930    USN torpedo bomber

TE                                Edo         1948    USN - trainer OSE

FT                                Fokker      1923    USN torpedo bomber flying boat

TF (C-1)    Trader                Grumman     1955    USN trainer - later C-1 - aerodynamic
                                                      prototype WF - derivative S2F

TG                                Great La.   1929    USN/USMC continued production of T4M (Great
                                                      Lakes acquired Martin's Cleveland plant)

TJ          Texan                 North Amer. 1952    redes. SNJ-8 - cancelled

T2J (T-2)   Buckeye               Rockwell    1958    USN trainer

T3J (T-39)  Sabreliner            Rockwell    1958    USN trainer

MT                                Martin      1920    USMC torpedo bomber

TM                                Martin      1923    redes. MT - torpedo bomber

T2M                               Martin      1925    redes. SC

T3M                               Martin      1926    USN/USMC biplane torpedo bomber amphibian -
                                                      equipped 1st torpedo bomber squadron -
                                                      modified SC

T4M                               Martin      1927    USN/USMC - modified/reengined T3M

T5M                               Martin      1928    USN dive bomber - prototype for BM

T6M                               Martin      1929    USN torpedo bomber

TN                                N.A.F.      1927    USN torpedo bomber/attack flying boat biplane

T2N                               N.A.F.      1930    USN dive bomber

TO (F-80/   T-Bird                Lockheed    1950    USN/USMC initial des. for trainer USAF F-80C
    T-33)                                             (TO-1) and T-33 (TO-2) - later TV-1/2

ST                                Stout       1922    1st USN all-metal monoplane torpedo bomber -

TT          Pinto                 Temco       1960    USN trainer

TV          T-Bird                Lockheed    1945    USN/USMC trainer F-80C (TV-1) and T-33 (TV-2)-
(F-80/T-33)                                           redes. TO-1/2

T2V (T-1)   SeaStar               Lockheed    1956    USN trainer - modified TV-2 - reengined &
                                                      flaps system of BLC

T-1                               Martin      1919    1st official transport aircraft

T-1 (T2V)   SeaStar               Lockheed    1962    redes. T2V - USN trainer - modified T2V


T-1         Jayhawk               Beech       1990    tanker, transport, trainer civilian Beechjet
                                                      400- TTTS program

T-2                               Fokker      1923    1st monoplane transport; modified version redes. to A-2

T-2 (T2J)   Buckeye,              Rockwell    1958    USN general purpose trainer - redes. T2J
            North American Safety Jet


T-3                               L.W.F.      1920    proposed biplane transport

T-3         Firefly               Slingsby    1991    USAF AETC basic trainer



T-6 (SNJ)   Texan, Awful          North Amer. 1948    USAF/USN trainer, FAC, attack - redes. from AT-6
            Terrible Six, Mosquito (FAC version)

T-6         Texan II              Raytheon    1996?   USAF/USN primary trainer (JPATS program)-
                                  Aircraft            modified Pilatus PC-9

T-7         Navigator             Beech       1948    trainer - redes. AT-7

T-11        Kansas, Kansan        Beech       1948    trainer - redes. AT-11

T-17        Kaydet                Boeing      1948    trainer - redes. AT-17

T-19        Reliant               Stinson     1948    trainer - redes. AT-19


T-28        Trojan                North Amer. 1948    USAF/USMC/Army/USN - 1st trainer with tricycle
                                                      landing gear, attack - redes. BT-28

T-28D       Nomad                 North Amer. 1962    COIN T-28

T-29        Flying Classroom      Convair     1948    navigational trainer civ. 240 - redes. from AT-29

T-30                              Douglas     1948    competitor T-28 - redes. BT-30

T-31 (NQ)                         Fairchild   1949    USAF evaluation/converted USN NQ

T-32        Condor                Curtiss     1934    trainer B-2

T-32                              Consolid.   1949    proposed bombardier trainer

T-33        T-Bird, Lockheed      Lockheed    1948    trainer F-80 - redes. TF-80C
(TO-2/      Trainer

T-33        Skyfox                Boeing              modified testing version T-33

T-34        Mentor,               Beech       1953    USN/USMC/Army piston-engined primary trainer
            Radial Interceptor

T-34C       Turbo Mentor,         Beech       1976    reengined T-34

T-35        Buckaroo, Plebe       Temco       1950    USN - competitor T-34

T-36                              Beech       1950    proposed trainer

T-37        Tweety Bird, Tweet,   Cessna      1954    USAF/Army primary trainer - Army T-37 not used due
            Converter,                                to USAF opposition of Army fixed-wing aircraft
            Dogwhistle, Hummer, World's Largest Dog Whistle, Screaming Mimi, 6,000-Pound Dogwhistle,
            JP-40 Converter

T-38        Talon, White          Northrop    1958    USN/USAF trainer & chase F-5
            Mosquito, White Rocket

T-39 (T3J)  Sabreliner            Rockwell    1962    USN/USMC/USCG combat readiness trainer,
                                                      utility - redes. T3J

T-40        JetStar               Lockheed    1962    proposed C-140 trainer

T-41        Mescalero,            Cessna      1965    USAF/Army basic trainer, liaison

T-42        Cochise               Beech       1966    Army trainer civilian Baron/Travel Air

T-43        Gator,                Boeing      1971    navigational trainer civilian 737
            Strike Pig

T-44        Pegasus               Beech       1977    USN trainer U-21

T-45        Goshawk               McDD/BAe    1988    USN trainer - modified/navalized BAe Hawk

T-46        Eaglet,               Fair. Rep.  1983    cancelled trainer - NGT program
            Thunder Piglet

T-47        Citation              Cessna      1977    USN airborne radar transport, trainer civilian
                                                      Citation S/II

T-48        Tweet                 Cessna      1984    modified T-37 - NGT program - replaces T-46


TA-1                              Elias       1921    trainer- air-cooled

TA-2                              Huff-Dal.   1921    trainer- air-cooled

TA-3        Chummy                Dayton-Wr.  1921    trainer- air-cooled

TA-3        Skywarrior            Douglas     1962    radar/navigational trainer A-3 - redes. A3D-2T

TA-4                              Eng. Div.   1922    trainer- air-cooled

TA-4        Skyhawk               Douglas     1965    trainer/DACT A-4 (A4D)

TA-5                              Dayton-Wr.  1922    trainer- air-cooled TA-3

TA-6                              Huff-Dal.   1923    trainer- air-cooled TA-2

TA-7        Corsair II            Vought      1972    trainer A-7

TAF-9J      Cougar                Grumman     1962    trainer AF-9J

TAV-8A/B    Harrier, Harrier II   McDD/BAe    1969    USMC trainer AV-8A, AV-8B (1986)

TBD         Devastator            Douglas     1935    USN carrier-based torpedo bomber

TB2D        Sky Pirate            Douglas     1943    USN torpedo bomber w/contra-rotating

TBF         Avenger, Borate       Grumman     1941    USN/USMC carrier-based torpedo bomber, ASW,
            Bomber, Pregnant Beast, Turkey            AEW, COD, target tug

TB2F                              Grumman     1944    USN torpedo bomber F7F

TB3F        Guardian              Grumman     1945    USN torpedo bomber; redes. to AF in 1949

TBG                               Great La.   1935    USN biplane torpedo bomber - modified B2G

TBM         Avenger, Borate       Eastern     1942    General Motors-built TBF
            Bomber                (General Motors)

TBU         Sea Wolf              Vought      1941    USN torpedo bomber

TBY         Sea Wolf              Consolid.   1943    Consolidated-built TBU

TB-17       Flying Fortress       Boeing      1945    RTU trainer B-17

TB-24       Liberator             Cons. Vul.  1940?   trainer B-24

TB-25       Mitchell              North Amer. 1948    trainer B-25 - redes. AT-24

TB-26       Marauder              Martin      1948    trainer B-26 - redes. AT-23

TB-26       Invader               Douglas     1950    trainer B-26

TB-29       Superfortress         Boeing      1945?   trainer, radar target - modified B-29

TB-32       Dominator             Cons. Vul.  1943    trainer B-32

TB-50       Superfortress         Boeing      1953    trainer B-50

TB-57E      Canberra              Martin      1960    trainer B-57C

TB-58       Hustler, Boomerang    Convair     1960    trainer B-58 - some redes. from RB-58

TC-4        Academe, Academe      Gulfstream  1967    bombardier/navigational flying classroom
            Intruder                                  civilian Gulfstream I

TC-18E/F                          Boeing      199?    E-6 (F),E-3 (E) trainer-mod. C-18 (civ. 707-300)

TC-45       Expeditor, Navigator  Beech       1953    C-45 navigational trainer - redes. in 1962
(SNB)       (SNB)                                     from SNB-5

TC-46       Commando              Curtiss     1940?   trainer C-46

TC-47H/J/K  Skytrain, Dakota      Douglas     1948    USN/USAF/Army trainer C-47 - redes. from USN
                                                      R4D-5R in 1962

TC-54       Skymaster             Douglas     1955    trainer C-54

TC-117      Super DC-3,           Douglas     1962    trainer C-117 - redes. R4D-8T
(R4D-8T)    Skytrain II

TC-121      Constellation         Lockheed    1955    redes. RC-121 - AEW/ELINT C-121 - later EC-121

TC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1960?   trainer C-130

TC-131      Samaritan             Convair     1956    trainer C-131

TC-135      Stratolifter          Boeing      ?       trainer RC-135 with special mission equip.,
                                                      nuclear sampling aircraft

TDC (PQ-8)                        Culver      1942    target drone - USN PQ-8

TD2C                              Culver      1942    target drone - USN PQ-14

TD3C                              Culver      1943    target drone - USN PQ-15

TD4C                              Culver      1943    USN target drone - later UC

TDD                               Radioplane  1942    target drone - USN OQ-2/3/7

TD2D        Katydid               McDonnell   1942    USN target drone

TD3D                              Frankfort   1943    target drone - USN OQ-16

TD4D                              Radioplane  1943    target drone - USN OQ-16

TDN                               N.A.F.      1942    USN television-guided flying bomb/torpedo

TD2N        Gorgon                N.A.F.      1943    USN variant TDN - Martin-built

TD3N        Gorgon                N.A.F.      1943    USN variant TDN - Martin-built

TDR                               Interstate  1943    production TDN - assault drone carrying 2000-lb.
                                                      bomb or torpedo, controlled by TBM/TBF aircraft

TD2R                              Interstate  1943    USN target drone

TD3R                              Interstate  1943    target drone - USN BQ-6

TE-2        Hawkeye               Grumman     1962    trainer E-2

TF                                N.A.F.      1920    USN Tandem Fighter-flying boat

TF-4        Phantom II            McDD        1973    trainer F-4 (F4H)

TF-8        Crusader              Vought      1962    trainer F-8 (F8U-1T)

TF-9J       Cougar                Grumman     1962    trainer F9F-8T

TF-10       Skyknight             Douglas     1962    trainer F-10 -redes. F3D-2T

TF-15       Eagle                 McDD        1970    trainer F-15

TF-16       Fighting Falcon       G.D.        1977    trainer F-16

TF-18A      Hornet                McDD        1976    trainer F-18 -later F-18B

TF-51       Mustang               North Amer. 1948    redes. TP-51

TF-80       Shooting Star         Lockheed    1948    redes. TP-80 - later T-33

TF-86       Sabre                 North Amer. 1953    trainer F-86

TF-101      Voodoo                McDonnell   1962    Air Defense Command trainer F-101

TF-102      Delta Dagger, Tub     Convair     1951    trainer F-102 - mod. with side-by-side cockpit

TF-104      Starfighter           Lockheed    1961    trainer F-104

TG                                N.A.F.      1924    gunnery trainer

TG-1        Cinema                Frankfort   1941    training sailplane

TG-1                              Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

TG-2 (LNS)                        Schweizer   1941    Army LNS - sailpane modified to assist gliders

TG-2                              Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

TG-3                              Schweizer   1942    trainer for cargo gliders

TG-3                              Schweizer   1989?   USAF Academy non-motorized training glider                      G-3

TG-4        Yankee Dooodle        Lai.-Kauf.  1942    civilian trainer glider

TG-4                              Schweizer   1988?   USAF Academy non-motorized training glider G-4

TG-5 (LNR)  Defender              Aeronca     1942    Army LNR - unpowered L-3 trainer glider

TG-5                              Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

TG-6 (LNT)  Grasshopper           Taylorcr.   1942    Army LNT - unpowered L-2 trainer glider

TG-6                              Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

TG-7                              Orlick      1942    Polish sailplane trainer

TG-7                              Schweizer   1982?   USAF Academy training motorized glider G-7

TG-8 (LNP)  Cub                   Piper       1942    Army LNP - unpowered L-4 trainer glider

TG-9                              Briegleb    1942    training sailplane

TG-9                              Schleicher  1989    USAF Academy competition/trainer sailplane

TG-10                             Wichita     1942    training glider

TG-10                             Let         199?    USAF Academy non-motorized training glider G-10

TG-11                             Schempger   1942    training sailplane

TG-11                             Stemme Gmbh 199?    USAF motorized training glider for Academy  G-11

TG-12                             Bowlus      1942    tandem-seat training glider

TG-12                             Caproni     200?    training glider G-12

TG-13                             Briegleb    1942    training glider

TG-14                             Steiglemaier1942    training glider

TG-14                             Grupo       2001    USAF Academy Introductory Flight Training Program motorized
                                  Aeromot             glider G-14; civ. AMT-200S "Super Ximango;" replacement for T-3

TG-15                             Franklin    1942    training glider

TG-16                             A.B.C.      1942    training sailplane

TG-17                             Franklin    1942    training sailplane

TG-18                             Midwest     1942    training glider

TG-19                             Schweyer    1942    training glider

TG-20                             Lai.-Kauf.  1942    training glider

TG-21                             Notre Dame  1942    training glider

TG-22                             Melrose     1942    single seat soaring glider

TG-23                             Harper-     1942    single seat soaring glider

TG-24                             Bowlus-     1942    single seat soaring glider

TG-25                             Plover      1942    single seat soaring glider

TG-26                             Universal   1942    training glider

TG-27                             Grunau      1942    training glider

TG-28                             Haller      1942    single-seat training glider

TG-29                             Vollmer-    1942    home-built training glider

TG-30                             Smith       1942    soaring glider

TG-31                             Aero Ind.   1942    trainer glider - student-built

TG-32                             Pratt       1943    Army LNE - glider trainer

TG-33       Defender              Aeronca     1944    experimental pilot accomodation (belly) glider
                                                      trainer - modified TG-5

TH-1E/L     Seawolf               Bell        1962    USN instrument trainer HU-1A/UH-1E

TH-1S       HueyCobra, Cobra      Bell        1970    trainer AH-1

TH-6        Cayuse, LOacH,        McDD        ?       USN trainer-mod. OH-6
            Egg, Little Bird, Olive on a Toothpick, Super Bee

TH-13       Sioux                 Bell        1946    USAF/USMC/USN/Army instrument trainer H-13 -
(HTL)                                                 redes. in 1962 from HTL

TH-55       Osage                 Hughes      1956    Army primary helicopter trainer H-55

TH-57       Sea Ranger            Bell        1968    USN primary helicopter trainer H-58

TH-67       Creek                 Bell        1995?   trainer H-67 - civilian Model 206B

TL-19       Bird Dog              Cessna      1956    Army instrument flight trainer L-19

TO-1D       Bird Dog              Cessna      1962    USAF/Army trainer O-1 - redes. TL-19D

TP-1                              Eng. Div.   1922    Two-place Pursuit fighter - later CO-5

TP-2F       Neptune               Lockheed    1962    USN crew trainer P-2 - redes. P2V-6T

TP-5        Marlin                Martin      1962    USN ASW trainer P-5 - redes. P5M-1T

TP-38       Lightning             Lockheed    1940    trainer P-38

TP-40       Hawk                  Curtiss     1944    trainer P-40

TP-51       Mustang               North Amer. 1943    trainer P-51

TP-80       Shooting Star         Lockheed    1948    trainer P-80 -later TF-80, T-33

TR                                N.A.F.      1923    USN TS racer

TR-1        Gray Ghost, Shady     Lockheed    1981    multisensor recon. modified U-2R -
            Lady, Angel                               non-standard designation

TR-3        Black Manta           Northrop?   1989?   rumored delta flying-wing real-time recon. stealth
                                                      aircraft in support of F-117 - based on
                                                      Northrop THAP project? - non-standard designation

TRF-51      Mustang               North Amer. 1948    modified F-6D - 2-seat trainer

TSF                               Grumman     1943    proposed torpedo-bomber/scout

TS                                N.A.F./     1922    Tractor Single-seat - 1st single-seat aircraft
                                  Curtiss             designed as ship-board USN fighter

TS-2(S2F-1T)Tracker               Grumman     1962    ASW trainer S-2 - redes. S2F-1T

TU-2        Gray Ghost,           Lockheed    ?       trainer U-2
            Shady Lady, Angel, Dragon Lady

TU-6        Beaver                D.H.C.      1950    trainer U-6

TU-16       Albatross             Grumman     1948    trainer HU-16 - redes. UF-1T

TW-1                              Eng. Div.   1920    trainer- water-cooled

TW-2                              Cox-Klemin  1922    trainer- water-cooled

TW-3                              Dayton-Wr.  1923    USAAS trainer- water-cooled - later USMC

TW-4                              Fokker      1923    trainer- water-cooled

TW-5 (HN)                         Huff-Dal.   1923    trainer- water-cooled; redes, to AT-1 in 1925
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