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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

AS                                Aeromarine  1922    USN scout seaplane

CS                                Curtiss     1923    USN scout, torpedo bomber land/seaplane

SC          Seahawk               Curtiss     1943    USN battleship/carrier-based scout recon.

S2C (A-10)  Shrike                Curtiss     1932    USN A-10

S3C         Helldiver             Curtiss     1931    USN - modified F10C (F8C-8)

S4C         Helldiver             Curtiss     1933    scout - reengined/redes. F12C

SC                                Martin      1925    Martin-built production/redes. CS

SDW                               Dayton-Wr.  1925    modified DT

SE                                Bellanca    1932    USN carrier-based scout

SF                                Grumman     1932    USN/USMC carrier-based biplane scout fighter
                                                      amphibian FF

S2F (S-2)   Tracker, Stoof        Grumman     1952    USN ASW/AEW

SG                                Great La.   1931    USN scout amphibian

SL                                Loening     1931    USN scout operating from submarine

S2L                               Loening     1931    USN scout amphibian

MS                                Martin      1923    USN all-metal scout flying boat

SS                                Sikorsky    1931    USN scout amphibian

SU          Corsair               Vought      1931    USN/USMC scout biplane - redes. O3U

S2U                               Vought      1952    USN - competitor S2F (S-2)

XS                                Cox-Klemin  1927    USN/USMC scout flying boat

S-1                               Curtiss     1916    Army biplane fighter

S-1                               Loening     1922    seaplane

S-1                               Cox-Klemin  1923    scout

S-1         Skyrocket             Bell        1946    experimental 1st supersonic aircraft - later

S-128                                         1962    designation not assigned in 1962 renumbering

S-1                               TDB         200?    "Spaceplane with suborbital flight for multimission
                                                      space support"

S-2                               Curtiss     1916    Army biplane fighter

S-2         Transonic             Bell        1946    experimental supersonic rocket - 1st aircraft
                                                      to fly faster than Mach 3 - later X-2

S-2 (S2F)   Tracker, Stoof        Grumman     1962    USN carrier-based ASW - redes. S2F

S-3                               Curtiss     1916    triplane fighter - production S-1/2

S-3         Stiletto              Douglas     1946    experimental tailless supersonic research
                                                      aircraft- later X-3

S-3         Viking, Hoover,       Lockheed    1972    USN carrier-based ASW patrol, ESM (ES-3)
            Super Hoover, War Hoover, Shadow (ES-3)

S-4         Scout, Tommy          Morse       1917    USN/USAAC scout, trainer

S-4         Bantam                Northrop    1947    experimental high-speed tailless research
                                                      aircraft- later X-4

S-5         Variable-Sweep        Bell        1947    experimental - 1st American swing-wing jet -
                                                      later X-5

SA-10       Catalina              Consolid.   1945    USAAF SAR A-10 (PBY-6)

SA-16       Albatross,            Grumman     1947    rescue triphibian A-16, USN JR2F/UF;
(JR2F/UF)   Slobbering Albert                         redes. to HU-16A in 1962

SBA                               Brewster    1936    USN carrier-based scout bomber

SB2A        Buccaneer, Bermuda    Brewster    1939    USN/USMC carrier-based torpedo bomber -
(A-34)                                                development SBA (Buccaneer); RAF export (Bermuda)

SBC         Helldiver             Curtiss     1934    USN/USMC carrier-based scout/torpedo bomber
                                                      parasol wing (SBC-1), biplane(SBC-2) - redes./reengined S4C

SB2C        Helldiver; Son of a   Curtiss     1940    dive bomber - USN/USMC A-25
(A-25)      Bitch, 2nd Class; The Beast

SB3C                              Curtiss     1942    USN torpedo bomber

SBD (A-24)  Dauntless, Barge,     Douglas     1940    USN/USMC carrier-based dive bomber - redes.,
            Clunk, Speedy Three, Banshee (A-24)       modified BT-218

SB2D        Destroyer             Douglas     1945    USN planned replacement SBD - gull-wing

SBF         Helldiver             Fairchild   1943    USN Fairchild-built SB2C

SBG                               Great La.   1936    USN scout bomber

SBN                               N.A.F.      1938    USN carrier-based scout bomber - production

SBT                               Northrop    1936    USN scout bomber

SBU                               Vought      1933    USN scout & dive bomber biplane F3U

SB2U        Vindicator,           Vought      1936    USN/USMC torpedo bomber

SB3U                              Vought      1936    USN scout biplane bomber - modified SBU

SBW         Helldiver             Can. C&F    1943    USN Canadian Car & Foundry-built SB2C

SB-17       Flying Fortress,Dumbo Boeing      1940?   lifeboat rescue B-17

SB-29       Super-Dumbo,          Boeing      1944    SAR B-29 with floats and survival gear

SC                                Martin      1925    Martin-built production/redes. CS

SC-47H/J    Dakota, Skytrain      Douglas     1940?   air/sea warfare C-47 - redes. from R4D-5/6S in
(R4D-5/6S)                                            1962

SC-54       Skymaster             Douglas     1940?   Air Rescue Service C-54

SC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1958    USCG designation C-130 when delivered - redes.
(R8V)                                                 R8V

SC-139      Neptune               Lockheed    1954    des. reserved for USN SAR P2V-7 - cancelled

SDW                               N.A.F.      1925    modified DT scout

SH-2        Seasprite, LAMPS I    Kaman       1963    USN carrier-based LAMPS I/II(II dropped in
                                                      favor of III [SH-60]), ASW, SAR, anti-missile defense, utility,
                                                      observation H-2

SH-2G       Super Seasprite       Kaman       1989    modified SH-2 - updated sensor suite and armaments

SH-3        Sea King              Sikorsky    1962    USN's 1st ASW helicopter - carrier-based ASW,
(HSS-2)                                               testbed for LAMPS III (SH-60) - redes. HSS-2

SH-19       Chickasaw             Sikorsky  1950?     MATS rescue H-19

SH-21       Shawnee, Work Horse   Piasecki  1952?     MATS rescue H-21 - later HH-21

SH-34       Seabat                Sikorsky    1962    USN carrier-based ASW H-34 - redes. HSS-1

SH-60              Sikorsky    1974    USN carrier-based LAMPS III, ASW, VERTREP
                                                      modified UH-60A

SH-60F      Ocean Hawk, CV-Helo   Sikorsky    1985    USN SH-60 variant for inner-zone ASW

SNB         Navigator,            Beech       1941    utility/instrument trainer - USN/USMC AT-7/11
             Slow Navy Bomber

SNC         Falcon                Curtiss     1941    USN/USMC lightweight advanced trainer

SNJ(BC-1/   Texan                 North Amer. 1942    USN/USMC modified BC-1(SNJ-1/2), AT-6(SNJ-3 - 7)

SN2J                              North Amer. 1945    modified SNJ

SNV         Valiant, Vibrator     Consolid.   1940    USN/USMC BT-13/15

SOC         Seagull               Curtiss     1935    USN/USMC/USCG battleship/cruiser based biplane
                                                      scout/observation amphibian - production O3C -competitor O2D/O5U

SO2C                              Curtiss     1935    USN scout amphibian

SO3C        Seamew                Curtiss     1939    USN cruiser-based/carrier-based scout

SOE                               Bellanca    1936    USN cruiser scout amphibian

SO2E                              Edo         1945    USN scout/observation

SOK                               Fairchild   1935    USN scout amphibian/patrol bomber

SON         Seagull               NAF         1937    USN N.A.F.-built modified SOC

SOR         Seagull               Ryan        1941    Ryan-built SOC

SO2U                              Vought      1939    cruiser-based scout

SP-2        Neptune               Lockheed    1962    USN ASW derivative P-2 - redes. P2V-7S

SP-5        Marlin                Martin      1962    USN ASW P-5 - redes. P5M-1S

SR-71       Blackbird, Habu,      Lockheed    1964    strategic recon., trainer - modified F-12 -
            Lead Sled, Sled                           non-standard designation17

ST                                Stout       1922    1st USN all-metal monoplane torpedo bomber

SV-22       Osprey                Bell/Boe.   1989    proposed USN ASW V-22

SZ-1                              TBD         ?       USN ASW airship Z-1
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