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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

RA                                Atlantic    1931    USMC transport - redes. TA

BR                                Bee Line    1922    USN racer

RB (C-93)   Conestoga             Budd        1942    USN all-steel transport

CR (R-6)                          Curtiss     1921    USN racer - AKA CF

RC          Kingbird              Curtiss     1931    USMC transport

R2C (R-8)                         Curtiss     1923    USN biplane racer - AKA F2C - development CR-1

R3C-1       Land-Racer            Curtiss     1925    joint Army-USN biplane racer - AKA F3C

R3C-2       Sea-Racer             Curtiss     1925    R3C-1 with pontoons

R4C (C-30)  Condor                Curtiss     1934    USN/USMC transport - counterpart USAAC C-30

R5C (C-46)  Commando              Curtiss     1942    USN/USMC transport C-46

RD (C-21)   Sinbad, Dolphin       Douglas     1931    USN/USMC/USCG amphibian transport
                                                      to Army as C-21

R2D                               Douglas     1934    USN/USMC transport civilian DC-2-125

R3D (C-110)                       Douglas     1939    USN/USMC transport civilian DC-5

R4D (C-47)  Skytrain, Dakota      Douglas     1938    USN/USMC C-47

R4D-3/4     Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    USN C-53

R4D-8       Super DC-3, Skytrain  Douglas     1952    USN/USMC/USCG equivalent C-47F (USAF
(C-47F/     II                                        evaluation modified C-47) - later C-117

R5D (C-54)  Skymaster             Douglas     1942    USN/USMC transport C-54

R6D         Liftmaster            Douglas     1950    USN transport civilian DC-6

RE          Skyrocket             Bellanca    1932    USN/USMC light transport/amb. - similar to JE

RK                                Kinner      1936    USN transport

R2K                               Fairchild   1936    USN transport

RM (C-3)                          Martin      1952    USN/USCG VIP transport VC-3

RO (C-23)   Altair                Lockheed    1931    USN C-23

R2O         Electra               Lockheed    1940    USN UC-36

R3O (C-37)  Electra               Lockheed    1937    USN C-37

R4O                               Lockheed    1941    USN high-speed staff transport

R5O         Lodestar              Lockheed    1942    USN/USMC civilian Lodestar

R6O         Constitution          Lockheed    1945    USN transport

R7O (C-69)  Constellation         Lockheed    1952    USN transport USAF C-69 - later R7V


RQ (C-8)                          Fairchild   1948    USN transport - redes. JQ

R2Q                               Fairchild   1950    USN transport - redes. J2Q

R4Q         Flying Boxcar         Fairchild   1947    USMC C-119 tactical transport

RQ (C-81/   Reliant               Stinson     1935    USCG radio testing C-81

R3Q         Reliant               Stinson     1935    redes. RQ

RR (C-3)                          Ford        1931    USN/USMC multirole transport - redes. JR

RS (C-6)                          Sikorsky    1930    USN/USMC amphibian transport - redes. PS

RT          Golden Goose          Northrop    1935    USN VIP transport


R6V         Constitution          Lockheed    1945    USN transport - redes. R6O

R7V         Warning Star          Lockheed    1954    USN redes. R7O - transport, photographic
(C-121)                                               recon. USAF C-121C

R8V         Hercules              Lockheed    1958    USCG designation C-130 when ordered - later
(C-130)                                               SC-130, HC-130

RY (C-87)   Liberator             Cons. Vul.  1943    USN/USMC C-87/PB4Y-1 (-1/2), PB4Y-2 (-3)

R2Y                               Cons. Vul.  1945    modified RY

R3Y         Tradewind             Convair     1952    USN - transport P5Y flying boat, later
                                                      air-refuelling tanker

R4Y         Samaritan             Convair     1957    USN/USMC transport C-131

R-1                               Eng. Div.-  1921    racer - rebuilt VCP

R-1                               Platt-      1941    tandem rotor helicopter

R-2                               Curtiss     1915    Army biplane observation/light attack

R-2                               Tho.-Mor.   1921    racer - modified MB-6

R-2                               Kellett     1941    redesignated G-1

R-3                               Curtiss     1916    USN modified, larger wingspan Curtiss R-2

R-3                               Eng. Div.-  1922    racer

R-3                               Kellett     1941    reengined Kellett R-2

R-4                               Curtiss     1918    Army reengined/modified Curtiss R-2 - similar
                                                      to R-3

R-4                               Loening     1922    racer

R-4 (HNS)      Hoverfly,          Vought-Sik. 1942    1st full-production US helicopter-
              Flying Eggbeater, Frustrated Palm Tree  redes. to H-4

R-5                               Thom.-Mor.  1922    parasol wing racer

R-5                               Vought-Sik. 1944    Air Rescue Service helicopter - redes.
(HO2S/HO3S)                                           to H-5

R-6                               Curtiss     1918    USN/Army biplane -1st torpedo bomber flying

R-6L                              Curtiss     1918    USN/Army Liberty-engined R-6

R-6 (CR)                          Curtiss     1922    Army biplane racer - development CR

R-6 (HOS)        Hoverfly II      Sikorsky    1944    improved/modified R-4 - redes. to H-6

R-7                               Curtiss     1922    modified R-6

R-7                               Eng. Div.   1944    cancelled Army racer

R-7                               Sikorsky    1944    modified R-6

R-8 (R2C)                         Curtiss     1923    USAAF R2C

R-8                               Kellett     1943    tandem rotor helicopter

R-9                               Curtiss     1918    redesignated R-6L

R-9                               Firestone   1944    lightweight helicopter

R-10                              Kellett     1945    reengined R-8

R-11                              Rotorcraft  1944    lightweight helicopter

R-11                              Hughes      1948    redes. F-11 - photographic recon.

R-12                              Bell        1944    development from autogyro to helicopter -
                                                      later H-12

R-12        Rainbow               Douglas     1948    redes. F-12 - high-altitude recon.

R-13        Sioux                 Bell        1947    USAAF-procured utility helicopter for Army -
                                                      later H-13

R-14                              Firestone   1946    proposed helicopter

R-15        Reporter              Northrop    1948    redes. F-15

R-16        Transporter           Vertol      1946    USAAF/USAF/Army tandem rotor SAR helicopter -
                                                      later H-16

R-16        Stratofortress        Boeing      1948    initial designation RB-52

RA-2        Savage                North Amer. 1962    recon. A-2 (AJ)

RA-3        Skywarrior            Douglas     1962    recon. A-3 - redes. A3D-2P

RA-5        Vigilante             North Amer. 1962    ECM, jamming, photo recon., tanker A-5 (A3J)

RA-7        Corsair II            Vought      1980    cancelled recon. RA-7

RAH-66      Comanche              Boeing/     1991    LHX contract winner - low-observability armed
                                  Sikorsky            recon. helicopter with internal weapons bay H-66

RB-17       Flying Fortress       Boeing      1948    redes. F-9 (B-17)

RB-26       Invader               Douglas     1948    redes. FA-26

RB-29       Superfortress         Boeing      1948    photo recon. B-29 - redes. FB-29

RB-35       Flying Wing           Northrop    1947    recon. B-35

RB-36       Peacemaker            Convair     1950    recon. B-36

RB-45C      Tornado               North Amer. 1949    photo. recon. B-45C

RB-47       Stratojet             Boeing      1955    photo. recon. B-47

RB-49       Flying Wing           Northrop    1950    recon. B-49 - 9th B-35 mod. with
                                                      4 pod-mounted turbojets, and two jets in the wing

RB-50       Superfortress         Boeing      1954    photo. recon. B-50

RB-52       Stratofortress        Boeing      1955    recon. B-52 - redes. R-16

RB-54       Superfortress         Boeing      1948    proposed recon. B-54

RB-57       Canberra,             Martin/G.D. 1954    recon. B-57D-F
            Patricia Lynn (RB-57E)

RB-58       Hustler               Convair     1959    recon. B-58 - later converted to TB-58

RB-66       Destroyer             Douglas     1953    recon. B-66

RB-69       Neptune               Lockheed    1954    USAF electronic recon. P2V-7U

RC-7        Caribou               DHC         199?    Army mod. C-7A - recon. suite/extended range

RC-12       Huron                 Beech       1983    USN/USMC/Army ELINT, ECM, battlefield
                                                      surveillance C-12

RC-45       Expeditor, Navigator, Beech       1948    USAF/Army photographic recon. - redes. USAAF
(SNB-5P)    Bugsmasher                                (SNB) F-2(1948)/USN SNB-5P(1962)

RC-47       Lamp, Dakota,         Douglas     1950    recon. C-47 w/flash bombs

RC-54       Skymaster             Douglas     1962    USN redes. R5D-3, USCG RC-54V

RC-121      Warning Star          Lockheed    1955    AEW/ELINT C-121 - later TC-121

RC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1968    recon. C-130

RC-131      Samaritan             Convair     1956    recon. C-131

RC-135      Chipmunk,             Boeing      1964    survey/mapping, ELINT C-135
            Hog Nose (-135M), Lead Sled (-135U)

RF-4        Lightning             Lockheed    1943    redes. F-4

RF-4        Phantom II            McDonnell   1962    multisensor recon. F-4 (F4H)

RF-5E       Tigereye              Northrop    1968    multirole recon. F-5

RF-8        Photo Crusader        Vought      1962    redes. F8U-1P - photo. recon. F-8 (F8U-1P)

RF-9J       Cougar                Grumman     1962    redes. F9F-8P - photo. recon. F-9 (F9F-8P)

RF-14       Tomcat                Grumman     1981    proposed recon. F-14

RF-16       Fighting Falcon       G.D.        1990    replacement RF-4C w/ATARS pod

RF-18       Hornet                McDD        1988    proposed recon. F/A-18

RF-51       Mustang               Nor.Am.     1948    redes. FP-51

RF-61       Reporter              Northrop    1948    redes. FP-61 / F-15

RF-80       Shooting Star         Lockheed    1948    redes. FP-80

RF-84F      Thunderflash          Republic    1963    camera recon. F-84, FICON (under wing of B-36) - redes. F-96

RF-86       Sabre                 North Amer. 1957    recon. F-86

RF-87       Blackhawk             Curtiss     1948    redes. FP-87

RF-100      Super Sabre, Slick    North Amer. 1954    unarmed high-speed recon. F-100

RF-101      Voodoo                McDonnell   1954    all-weather recon. F-101

RF-104      Starfighter           Lockheed    1975    recon. F-104

RF-105      Thunderchief          Republic    1960    recon. F-105

RF-110      Spectre, Phantom II   McDonnell   1962    recon. F-110 - later RF-4C

RF-111      Aardvark               Gen. Dyn.  1970?   recon. F-111

RG-8                              Schweizer   1989    surveillance & law-enforcement glider            G-8

RH-3        Sea King              Sikorsky    1962    USN carrier-based MCM H-3 - converted SH-3

RH-46       Sea Knight            Boeing      1962    USN/USMC MCM H-46

RH-53       Stallion              Sikorsky    1972    USN carrier-based MCM H-53

RL-23D      Seminole              Beech       1959    ELINT/redes. L-23D with SLAR - later RU-8D

RL-26       Commander             Aerodesign  1960    Army recon. L-26 with SLAR - later RU-9

ROE                               Hiller      1958    USMC lightweight dismantable one-man
                                                      helicopter (rotorcycle)

RON                               Gyrodyne    1958    USMC rotorcycle

RP-3        Orion                 Lockheed    1970?   recon. P-3

RP-35A      Guardsman             Seversky    1943    redes. P-35A - Restricted from combat

RP-38       Lightning             Lockheed    1940    P-38 mod. with cockpit on port boom to test
                                                      effects of non-CG placement on pilot
RP-39       Airacobra             Bell        1940    advanced trainer P-39Q

RP-43       Lancer                Republic    1943    redes. P-43 - Restricted

RP-63       Pinball               Bell        1945    manned target aircraft P-63 - thickened
                                                      skin designed to withstand frangible bullet fire

RQ-1        Predator              General     199?    medium altitude reconaissance UAV Q-1

RQ-2        Pioneer               IAI         199?    short-range tact. recon. UAV Q-2

RQ-3        DarkStar              Lockheed-   199?    low-observable high-alt. recon. UAV Q-3

RQ-4        GlobalHawk            Teledyne    1998    heavy payload, high-alt., long endurance recon. UAV Q-4

RQ-5        Hunter                TRW/IAI     1999    redes. BQM-155 UAV Q-5

RQ-6        Outrider              Alliant     200?    Army recon. UAV Q-6

RQ-7        TUAV                  AAI         200?    Army recon. tactical UAV Q-7

RQ-8        Firescout             Northrop    200?    DARPA/Navy recon., target designation UAV Q-8
                                  Grumman/Ryan Aeronautical
RQ-9        Predator B            General     200?    modified RQ-1; larger, reengined, proposed Hellfire-armed
RS-2C       Tracker               Grumman     1962    photographic recon. - redes. S2F-2P

RS-70       Valkyrie              North Amer. 1963    competitor SR-71 (RS-71) - recon. B-70 -
                                                      non-standard des.

RS-71       Blackbird, Habu       Lockheed    1964    actual des. of SR-7117 - non-standard des.

RT-33       T-Bird                Lockheed    1954    photographic/tactical recon. T-33

RU-1A       Otter                 De Havil.   1970?   EW support U-1A

RU-8D       Seminole              Beech       1962    Army - redesignated RL-23D

RU-9        Commander             Aerodesign  1962    Army - redesignated RL-26D

RU-21       Ute, Huron            Beech       1966    Army electronic surveillance U-21/civilian
                                                      King Air (B), Super King Air (J; Huron)-
                                                      RU-21J redes. 1979 to C-12L

RU-38       Twin Condor           Schweizer   1995    USCG U-38 - mod. RG-8A for recon. of surface vessels -
                                                      2 larger engines, twin-boom, tricycle gear

RV-1        Mohawk                Grumman     1963?   ELINT OV-1 - Quick Look I/II program
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