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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

Q-1                               Radioplane  1948?   model airplane target

Q-1         Predator              General     199?    medium altitude reconaissance UAV

Q-2         Firebee               Teledyne    1948?   drone, later BQM-34

Q-2         Pioneer               IAI         199?    short-range tact. recon. UAV

Q-330                             Radioplane  1948?   redes. OQ-3 or mod. Q-1

Q-3         DarkStar              Lockheed-   199?    low-observable high-alt. recon. UAV

Q-4                               Radioplane/ 1948?   drone, later AQM-35

Q-4         GlobalHawk            Teledyne    1998    heavy payload, high-alt., long endurance recon. UAV

Q-5         Kingfisher            Lockheed    1948?   target version of X-7; later AQM-60

Q-5         Hunter                TRW/IAI     1999    redes. BQM-155 UAV

Q-6                                                   possibly not assigned, as OQ-6 still in use

Q-6         Outrider              Alliant     200?    Army recon. UAV

Q-7                                                   possibly not assigned, as OQ-7 still in use

Q-7         TUAV                  AAI         200?    Army recon. tactical UAV

Q-8         Cadet                 Culver      1948?   

Q-8         Firescout             Northrop    200?    DARPA/Navy recon., target designation UAV
                                  Grumman/Ryan Aeronautical

Q-9         Predator B            General     200?    modified RQ-1; larger, reengined, proposed Hellfire-armed

Q-10                              Radioplane  1948?   mod. OQ-19

Q-11                                                  possibly not assigned, as OQ-11 still in use 

Q-12 (KD2B) Challenger            Beech       1948?   USN KD2B; later redes. to AQM-37

Q-13                                                  probably not assigned for superstitious reasons

Q-14        Cadet                 Culver      1948?

Q-20?                             Lear Astronics?

!QB-17      Flying Fortress       Boeing      1941    testing B-17

QF-4        Phantom II            McDonnell   ?       target drone F-4 - replaces QF-106

QF-106      Delta Dart            Republic    ?       target drone F-106

QH-43       Husky                 Kaman       1957    world's first RPV - mod. H-43

QH-50       DASH                  Gyrodyne    1962    USN Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter H-50 with
(DSN)                                                 2 Mk. 44/1 Mk.46 torpedo - redes. DSN

QRF-4       Phantom II            McDonnell   ?       target drone RF-4 - replaces QF-106

QT-2        Quiet Thruster        Lockheed    1967    DARPA/Army experimental quiet recon. -
                                                      sensitive equipment transport -
                                                      non-standard des.

QT-3        Quiet Thruster        Lockheed    1968    modified QT-2 after Prize Crew evaluation in
                                                      Vietnam - later O-3

QT-38       Talon                 Northrop    ?       drone T-38

QU-22       Pave Eagle            Beech       1960    sensor relay transport U-22
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