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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

PB                                Boeing      1925    patrol flying boat

PB (B-17)   Flying Fortress       Boeing      1945    USN AEW B-17F/G (-1W); USCG rescue B-17H (-1G)

P2B (B-29)  Superfortress         Boeing      1947    USN B-29 anti-submarine testbed, launched
                                                      D-558-II high-speed research aircraft

PD                                Douglas     1929    Douglas-built reengined PN

P2D                               Douglas     1930    USN biplane torpedo bomber, attack flying boat-
                                                      redes. T2D

P3D (B-11)                        Douglas     1935    USN patrol bomber flying boat

PF          Albatross             Grumman     1948    temporary redesignation JR2F patrol amphibian-
                                                      redes. to UF

PH                                Hall        1927    USN/USCG Hall-built PN-11/P4N

P2H                               Hall        1932    last USN biplane patrol flying boat

PJ          Flying Lifeboat       Gen. Aircr. 1932    USCG SAR/patrol - redes. FLB

PK                                Keystone    1930    Keystone-built reengined PN

PM                                Martin      1929    Martin-built reengined PN

P2M                               Martin      1931    USN patrol flying boat - modified PY

P3M                               Martin      1931    production P2M - reengined

P4M         Mercator              Martin      1946    USN ocean patrol, ECM/ELINT

P5M (P-5)   Marlin                Martin      1951    USN maritime patrol, ASW, trainer flying boat-
                                                      redes. to P-5 in 1962

P6M (P-6)   Seamaster             Martin      1955    USN jet minelayer flying boat

PN                                N.A.F.      1922    USN patrol flying boat - redes./modified F-5L-
                                                      PN-7 would have been F-7L

P2N                               N.A.F.      1929    USN temporary des. for PN-11 - later P4N

P4N                               N.A.F.      1930    redes. P2N - development PN-11

PO (C-69/   Warning Star          Lockheed    1949    USN patrol, AEW C-69 (PO-1W), C-121 (PO-2W) -
    C-121)                                            later WV-1/2

PS (C-6)                          Sikorsky    1927    USN patrol flying boat - redes. to RS?

P2S                               Sikorsky    1932    USN 3-place patrol flying boat

PV-1        Lexington,             Lockheed    1942    USN/USMC patrol bomber, photographic recon.,
(B-34/37)     Vega Ventura                            night fighter B-34/37

PV-2        Harpoon               Lockheed    1942    modified PV-1 - larger span, new tail, larger
(B-34/37)                                             bomb bay, greater armament payload

P2V         Neptune, Snake        Lockheed    1945    USN/USMC maritime patrol

P3V (P-3)   Orion                 Lockheed    1959    USN prototype P-3 - converted civilian L-188

PY                                Consolid.   1927    USN patrol - 1st monoplane flying boat -
                                                      civilian Consol. 16 Commodore

P2Y                               Consolid.   1932    USN development PY - long-range patrol flying
                                                      boat - sesquiplane

P3Y                               Consolid.   1935    USN maritime patrol flying boat - prototype

P4Y-1       Corregidor            Consolid.   1941    USN patrol bomber flying boat

P4Y-2       Privateer             Convair     1951    SAR, weather recon., later drone - redes.

P5Y                               Convair     1948    USN patrol flying boat

P6Y                               Convair     1956    proposed three-engine flying boat

P-1         Hawk                  Curtiss     1924    pursuit - prod./redes. PW-8B

P-127                                         1962    designation not assigned in 1962 renumbering

P-2         Hawk                  Curtiss     1925    reengined P-1

P-2 (P2V)   Neptune, Snake        Lockheed    1962    USN/USMC maritime patrol/ASW - redes. P2V

P-3         Hawk                  Curtiss     1928    reengined P-1

P-3 (P3V)   Orion                 Lockheed    1962    USN maritime patrol/ASW-redes. P3V

P-3         Blue Sentinel, AEW&C  Lockheed    1983    Update III P-3 - AEW & C

P-4                               Boeing      1925    high-altitude fighter - mod./redes. PW-9

P-4         Privateer             Convair     1962    drone - redes. P4Y-2K

P-5         Super Hawk, Hawk      Curtiss     1928    turbosupercharged, high-alt. mod. P-1

P-5 (P5M)   Marlin                Martin      1962    USN maritime patrol - redes. P5M

P-6         Hawk                  Curtiss     1927    mod./reengined P-1 variants; redes. [Y1]P-22, P-20 (P-6E and F)

P-6 (P6M)   Seamaster             Martin      1962    redes. P6M; some sources claim designation not assigned

P-7                               Boeing      1928    fighter - reengined/mod. PW-9E

P-7                               Lockheed    1989    LRAACA (Long Range Air-Asw Capable) contract winner - cancelled -
                                                       Update IV P-3C

P-8 (F2B)                         Boeing      1927    single-seat fighter


P-9                               Boeing      1930    Boeing's 1st monoplane fighter

P-9                               McDD        1988    ASW - LRAACA competitor - modified civilian
                                                      UHB MD-91

P-10                              Curtiss     1930    biplane gull-wing (upper) high-altitude fighter

P-11        Hawk                  Curtiss     1927    proposed reengined P-6

P-12 (F4B)                        Boeing      1929    fighter - modified F4B-1

P-13        Viper                 Thom.-Mor.  1929    fighter - only 1 built

P-14                              Curtiss     1931    proposed Curtiss-built production P-13

P-15 (F5B)                        Boeing      1930    fighter - single-wing development P-12

P-16 (F2J)                        Ber.-Joyce  1930    fighter - later PB-1

P-17        Hawk                  Curtiss     1930    modified P-1, testbed for new engine

P-18                              Curtiss     1930    proposed biplane fighter

P-19                              Curtiss     1930    proposed monoplane fighter using same engine as P-18

P-20        Hawk                  Curtiss     1930    reengined P-11; mod. with P-22 fuselage and
                                                      redes. to P-6E; cockpit enclosed and redes. to P-6F

P-21        Hawk                  Curtiss     1930    reengined P-3A

P-22        Hawk                  Curtiss     1931    mod. P-6A; fuselage added to P-20, redes. to P-6E

P-23        Hawk                  Curtiss     1932    reengined P-22, last pursuit biplane for USAAC

P-24                              Lockheed    1931    exper. low-wing pursuit fighter

P-25                              Consolid.   1932    pursuit/fighter - modified P-24

P-26        Peashooter            Boeing      1932    1st all-metal, monoplane USAAC fighter

P-27                              Consolid.   1932    proposed reengined P-25

P-28                              Consolid.   1932    proposed reengined P-25

P-29 (F7B)                        Boeing      1934    fighter-bomber - modified F7B

P-30                              Consolid.   1934    modified P-25 - later PB-2

P-31        Swift                 Curtiss     1932    1st Curtiss monoplane fighter, competitor P-26

P-32                              Boeing      1934    proposed modified/reengined P-29

P-33                              Consolid.   1935    proposed reengined P-30A

P-34                              Wed.-Will.  1935    proposed  lightweight fighter based on Model 44 Racer

P-35        Guardsman             Seversky    1937    fighter
                                  (later Republic)

P-36        Hawk                  Curtiss     1937    single-seat fighter

P-37                              Curtiss     1939    fighter - reengined/mod. P-36

P-38        Lightning, Atlanta    Lockheed    1939    long-range twin boom fighter - later F-38

P-38        Lightning, Pathfinder,Lockheed    1940    radar bombsight-equipped P-38
            Droop Snoot

P-39 (FL)   Airacobra             Bell        1938    fighter, attack

P-40        Warhawk, Tomahawk     Curtiss     1938    fighter-bomber, modified/reengined P-36 -
                                                      later F-40

P-40L        Warhawk,             Curtiss     1940    stripped-down lighter P-40
             Gypsy Rose Lee                           with reduced armor

P-41                              Seversky    1939    fighter - modified/reengined P-35

P-42        Hawk                  Curtiss     1939    P-36A with mod. engine cowling

P-43        Lancer                Republic    1940    fighter - development P-35/P-41

P-44        Rocket                Republic    1941    proposed reengined P-43

P-45                              Bell        1938    original designation P-39C

P-46        Warhawk               Curtiss     1941    smaller/reengined P-40

P-47        Thunderbolt, The Jug, Republic    1941    air superiority fighter, bomber - later F-47
            Big Ugly, Bucket of Bolts, Cast Iron Beast, Repulsive Scatterbolt,
            Seven-Ton Milk Bottle, T-bolt, Thunder Mug, Juggernaut

P-48                              Douglas     1939    prop. high-altitude lightweight fighter - similar to

P-49                      $       Lockheed    1942    reengined/modified P-38

P-50 (F5F)  Skyrocket             Grumman     1941    proposed modified F5F for USAAF
                                                      with tricycle  landing gear

P-51        Mustang, Apache,      North Amer. 1942    air superiority fighter, attack - later F-51
            Peter-Dash-Flash, Spam Can, Stang

P-51        Enforcer              North Amer. 1967    proposed FAC/light attack P-51

P-52                              Bell        1940    proposed exper. contra-rotating pusher-propellor
                                                      twin boom fighter

P-53                              Curtiss     1940    experimental fighter w/laminar wing - modified
                                                      P-40, later P-60

P-54        Swoose Goose          Vultee      1943    experimental twin boom pusher-propellor

P-55        Ascender, Ass-Ender   Curt.-Wri.  1943    exper. tailless pusher-propellor fighter with canards

P-56        Black Bullet          Northrop    1944    experimental tailless contra-rotating pusher-
                                                      propellor interceptor

P-57                              Tucker Av.  1940    proposed exper. lightweight fighter

P-58        Chain Lightning       Curtiss     1944    long-range twin boom escort fighter based on P-38

P-59                              Bell        1941    contra-rotating pusher twin-boom fighter
                                                      based on P-52 - des. used to hide P-59A jet

P-59A/B     Airacomet             Bell        1942    1st American jet fighter-reused designation to
                                                      conceal project - later F-59

P-60                              Curtiss     1941    experimental contra-rotating
                                                      propellors/laminar flow
                                                      fighter - modified/reengined P-53

P-61 (F2T)  Black Widow           Northrop    1942    night fighter, strategic recon. - later F-61

P-62                              Curtiss     1943    experimental contrarotating propellors fighter

P-63 (F2L)  Kingcobra             Bell        1942    fighter-bomber - based on P-39E - later F-63

P-64                              North Amer. 1940    to be exported to Siam but absorbed by USAAF -
                                                      fighter - modified trainer

P-65 (F7F)  Tigercat              Grumman     1942    cancelled USAAF fighter developed in parallel with USN

P-66        Vanguard              Vultee      1941    export fighter absorbed by USAAF as trainer

P-67        Bat, Moonbat,         McDonnell   1944    experimental fighter with semimonocoque-shaped
            Bomber Destroyer                          fuselage - high altitude

P-68        Tornado               Vultee      1941    proposed reengined P-54

P-69                              Republic    1942    experimental high-altitude fighter

P-70        Night Havoc, Havoc    Douglas     1941    night fighter, interceptor - mod. A-20

P-71                              Curtiss     1943    experimental fighter with 2 contrarotating
                                                      pusher-propellors - bomber killer

P-72                              Republic    1944    mod./reengined P-47 - buzz bomber/interceptor

P-73 and P-7415

P-75        Fisher Eagle          Gen. Mot.   1943    exper. interceptor with contrarotating props.

P-76        Kingcobra             Bell        1942    reengined/mod. P-63/P-39E

P-77                              Bell        1944    experimental all-wood ultralight fighter

P-78        Mustang               North Amer. 1942    original des. "Merlin"-engined P-51B

P-79        Flying Ram            Northrop    1945    experimental flying wing - designed to slice
                                                      tails off bombers by ramming with reinforced wings

P-80        Shooting Star, Lead   Lockheed    1944    fighter-bomber, interceptor - later F-80
 (TO/TV)    Sled, Lockheed Racer, T-Bird, T-Bag

P-81        Silver Bullet         Convair     1945    jet + turboprop long-range escort fighter -
                                                      later F-81

P-82        Twin Mustang          North Amer. 1945    escort/night fighter-2 P-51H fuselages joined
                                                      by 1 wing - later F-82

P-83                              Bell        1945    experimental long-range jet escort fighter -
                                                      development P-59A - later F-83

P-84        Thunderjet, Hog,      Republic    1946    fighter, attack - later F-84
            Ground-Loving Whore, Lead Sled, Lieutenant Eater, Mechanic's Nightmare

P-85        Goblin                McDonnell   1946    parasite fighter - later F-85

P-86 (FJ)   Sabre                 North Amer. 1947    fighter - modified FJ - later F-86

P-87        Blackhawk             Curtiss     1948    1st dedicated all-weather fighter; modified,
                                                      4-jet A-43 - later F-87

P-88        Voodoo                McDonnell   1948?   long-range escort fighter - competitor F-90 &
                                                      F-93 - redes. to F-88 - developed into F-101

P-89        Scorpion, FOD Vacuum, Northrop    1947    all-weather/night interdictor - later F-89
            World's Largest Vacuum Cleaner, Stanley Steamer

P-90                              Lockheed    1947    experimental long-range penetration fighter -
                                                      later F-90

P-91        Thunderceptor         Republic    1947    experimental rocket-assisted swept wing with
                                                      inverse taper & variable incidence
                                                      wings - based on P-84 - later F-91

P-92        Dart                  Convair     1948    experimental - 1st delta-wing jet - later

PA-1                              Loening     1922    pursuit-air cooled

PA-48       Enforcer              Piper       1983    CAS/ground attack fighter loosely based on P-51 -
                                                      Congress directed USAF to evaluate in
                                                      1984, but not given official designation

PBB         Sea Ranger            Boeing      1942    USN patrol flying boat

PB2B        Catalina              Boeing      1943    Boeing-built modified PBY

PBJ (B-25)  Mitchell              North Amer. 1944    USMC/USN B-25

PBM         Mariner               Martin      1939    USN maritime patrol/ASW flying boat

PB2M        Mars                  Martin      1942    USN large patrol flying boat - later JRM

PBN         Nomad                 N.A.F.      1941    N.A.F.-built modified PBY

PBO         Hudson                Lockheed    1940    USN A-28/29

PBS-1       Flying Dreadnaught    Sikorsky    1937    USN patrol bomber flying boat

PBS-2                             Sikorsky    1929    USN patrol flying boat

PB2S        Catalina              Boe. Can.   1939    Boeing Canada-built PBY

PBV         Catalina              Vickers     1941    Candian-built PBY

PBY (OA-10/A-10)  Catalina, Cat         Consolid.   1936    USN/USMC/USCG maritime patrol flying boat -
                                                      later amphibian (-5) - production P3Y

PB2Y        Coronado              Consolid.   1937    USN 4-engine ocean patrol/ transport flying

PB3Y                              Consolid.   1942    USN large patrol flying boat

PB4Y-1      Liberator             Cons. Vul.  1942    USN/USMC/USCG B-24D antiship patrol bomber

PB4Y-2      Privateer             Cons. Vul.  1943    USN/USMC maritime patrol bomber, ELINT -
(P4Y-2)                                               converted PB4Y-1  (single tail)

PB-1                              Ber.-Joy.   1935    Pursuit Biplace - redes. P-16

PB-2                              Consolid.   1935    Pursuit Biplace - redes. P-30

PC-121      Constellation         Douglas     1949    personnel transport C-121

PG-1                              Aeromarine  1920    pursuit-ground attack

PG-1                              Northwest   1943    powered CG-4

PG-2                              Ridge/Ford/ 1943    powered glider

PG-3        Hadrian               Waco        1946    powered CG-15 assault glider

PN-1                              Curtiss     1921    pursuit-night/fighter

PQ-8 (TDC)                        Culver      1941    manned aerial target - converted A-8

PQ-9                              Culver      1941    reengined PQ-8

PQ-10                             Culver      1941    aerial target

PQ-11                             Fletcher    1941    aerial target - mod. civilian FBT-2 

PQ-12                             Fleetwings  1941    aerial target

PQ-13                             Eng. Res.   1941    aerial target

PQ-14 (TD2C)                      Culver      1941    modified PQ-8 - larger

PQ-15                             Culver      1945    reengined PQ-14

PS-1                              Dayton-Wr.  1923    parasol wing alert Pursuit Special

PT                                N.A.F.      1922    USN biplane torpedo bomber - R-6L fuselage &
                                                      HS wing

PT-1        Trusty                Consolid.   1924    biplane primary trainer - modified TW-3

PT-2        Trusty                Consolid.   1928    reengined PT-1

PT-3 (NY)   Trusty                Consolid.   1928    uncowled engine PT-1 - new Clark Y airfoil

PT-4        Trusty                Consolid.   1928    proposed reengined PT-3

PT-5        Trusty                Consolid.   1929    reengined PT-3

PT-6 (N2Y)   Husky Junior          Fleet       1930    primary trainer

PT-7        Pinto                 Mohawk      1930    monoplane trainer

PT-8        Courier               Consolid.   1931    modified O-17/PT-3

PT-9        Cloudboy              Stearman    1931    primary trainer; converted to BT-3

PT-10       Sportsman             Verville    1931    commercial pilot trainer

PT-11                             Consolid.   1932    primary trainer; converted to BT-6

PT-12                             Consolid.   1932    modified PT-11; converted to BT-7

PT-13 (NS)  Kaydet, Stearman      Stear.-Boe. 1936    primary trainer-production model

PT-14                             Waco        1940    basic trainer biplane

PT-15                             St. Louis   1940    primary trainer

PT-16       Maytag Messerchmitt   Ryan        1939    1st all-metal monoplane primary trainer

PT-17       Kaydet, Stearman      Stear.-Boe. 1938    reengined PT-13

PT-18       Kaydet, Stearman      Stear.-Boe. 1938    reengined PT-17

PT-19       Cornell, Cradle       Fairchild   1940    primary trainer

PT-20                             Ryan        1940    primary trainer - modified PT-16

PT-21       Recruit               Ryan        1940    modified PT-20

PT-22 (NR)  Recruit               Ryan        1940    primary trainer

PT-23       Cornell               Fairchild   1941    reengined PT-19

PT-24                             D.H.C.      1942    Canadian Reverse Lend/Lease trainer

PT-25                             Ryan        1942    primary trainer

PT-26       Cornell               Fairchild   1942    enclosed cockpit PT-19

PT-27       Kaydet, Stearman      Boeing      1942    Lend-Lease (RCAF) reengined PT-13


PTBH                              Hall        1935    all-metal patrol, torpedo bomber flying boat

PW-1                              Eng. Div.   1921    pursuit-water cooled/fighter

PW-2                              Loening     1921    fighter

PW-3                              ORENCO      1921    fighter

PW-4                              Gallaudet   1921    fighter

PW-5                              Fokker      1921    fighter

PW-6                              Fokker      1921    fighter

PW-7                              Fokker      1921    fighter

PW-8 (F6C)                        Curtiss     1923    fighter - development R-6 - later P-1 Hawk;
                                                      won fly-off against PW-9

PW-9 (FB)                         Boeing      1923    fighter - competitor PW-8
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