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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

NB                                Boeing      1925    USN biplane primary trainer

N2B                               Boeing      1930    USN/USMC trainer - competitor N2C/NK

N2C (A-3)   Fledgling             Curtiss     1928    USN/USMC biplane trainer

NE (L-4)    Cub                   Piper       1942    USN/USMC L-4 trainer

HN (TW-5/                         Huff-Dal.   1922    USN trainer TW-1/AT-1

NH (C-70)   Nightingale           Howard      1942    USN C-70 trainer

NJ (BT-9)                         North Amer. 1937    USN BT-9 trainer, staff/command transport

NK                                Keystone    1928    USN trainer - competitor N2B/N2C

NL              $                 Langley     1925    USN trainer with plastic fuselage

NM                                N.A.F.      1922    USMC all-metal Marine expeditionary aircraft

N2M                               Martin      1924    USN primary trainer

N2N                               N.A.F.      1923    USN general/gunnery trainer flying boat

N3N         Yellow Peril          N.A.F.      1941    USN/USMC trainer, glider tug

N5N                               N.A.F.      1914    USN primary trainer

NO                                Huff-Dal.   1923    trainer HO

NP                                Spartan     1941    USNR primary flight trainer

NQ (T-31)                         Fairchild   1945    USN T-31

NR                                Maxson      194?    USN trainer

NR (PT-22)  Recruit               Ryan        1940    USN PT-22

NS (PT-13)  Kaydet                Stea.-Boe.  1940    USN PT-13

N2S         Kaydet                Stear.-Boe. 1930    USN/USMC modified NS - similar to PT-17

N3S         Kaydet                Stearman    1943    USN trainer - modified N2S

NT                                New Stan.   1934    USN/USMC primary trainer

N2T         Tutor                 Timm        1944    USN/USMC plywood trainer

NW                                Wright      1923    USN trainer/racer

NY (PT-3)   Trusty                Consolid.   1926    USN/USMC modified PT-3 biplane trainer

N2Y (PT-6)                        Consolid.   1929    USN trainer - trainer for airship parasite

N3Y                               Consolid.   1929    USN trainer - similar to NY - reengined

N4Y                               Consolid.   1932    USN/USCG PT-11

N-1                               N.A.F.      1918    1st USN aircraft designed for attack -flying

N-8                               Curtiss     1918    USN/USMC Curtiss-built JN-4

N-9                               Curtiss     1918    USN/USMC Curtiss-built JN-4B flying boat

NBL-1       Barling Bomber        Witteman-   1923    Night Bomber-Long distance - designed by Barling

NBL-2                             Martin      1920    proposed Night Bomber-Long distance

NBS-1                             Mar.-Cur.   1920    Night Bomber-Short distance; redes. MB-2

NBS-2                             L.W.F.      1923    proposed Night Bomber-Short distance based on H-1 Owl

NBS-3                             Elias       1924    Night Bomber-Short distance , similar to NBS-1

NBS-4                             Curtiss     1924    improved NBS-1

NC          Nancy                 N.A.F.      1918    patrol/ASW flying boat

NO                                N.A.F.      1923    USN observation - N.A.F.-built M2O

NO-1                              Douglas     1920    pusher-prop. night observation

NO-2                              Douglas     1924    proposed night observation
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