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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

M-1                               Standard    1918    defense scout

M-1        Messenger              Eng. Div.,  1919    messenger, light liaison

M-16                              Macchi      1922    experimental flying boat

M-80                              Loening     1921    observation monoplane

M-81                              Loening     1921    observation fighter

MAT                               Lawr.-Sp.   1922    messenger-aerial torpedo- modified M-1

MB-1                              Martin      1918    recon. scout, bomber - redes. GMB

MB-2                              Martin      1920    modified, larger MB-1; redes. to NBS-1

MB-3        Tommy                 Mor.-Boe.   1919    USN/USMC scout fighter

MB-6                              Mor.-Boe.   1921    modified MB-3

MB-7                              Mor.-Boe.   1922    parasol wing racer

MB-9                              Mor.-Boe.   1922    all-metal fighter

MB-10                             Mor.-Boe.   1923    trainer

MBT                               Martin      1920    USN/USMC torpedo bomber MB-1 - redes. MT

MC-54       Skymaster             Douglas     1951    casualty transport C-54

MC-97       Stratofreighter       Boeing      1951    medical cargo C-97

MC-130E/H   Combat Talon I/II,    Lockheed    1978    all-weather clandestine recovery C-130
            Blackbird, Hercules

MC-130P     Combat Shadow,        Lockheed            clandestine special ops heli. refueling,
            Hercules                          1996    tactical airdrops - redes. HC-130N/P

MC-131      Samaritan             Convair     1954    medical cargo C-131

MF                                Curtiss     1918    USN biplane trainer flying boat - Modified F
                                                      (civilian Model F)

MF-1        Fury                  North Amer. 1962    multirole - redesignated FJ-3M

MF-3        Demon                 McDonnell   1962    missile carrier F-3 (F3H)

MF-10       Skyknight             Douglas     1962    missile carrier - redes. F3D-2M

MH-1W       HueyCobra, Cobra      Bell        1997?   mod. obser./recon. AH-1W - export only

MH-6A       Defender,Little Bird, McDD        1990    Army observation/special missile H-6/civilian Model
            Olive on a Toothpick, Super Bee           500MD/530- actual des. OH-8 - redes. EH-6E (MH-6E/H)

MH-47D/E    Chinook               Boeing V.   1987    multirole Army Special Forces helicopter
                                                      -development CH-47D

MH-53E      Sea Dragon            Sikorsky    1983    USN MCM-modified CH-53E

MH-53H      Pave Low II           Sikorsky    1979    USAF SOF redes. HH-53H - clandestine support

MH-53J      Pave Low III Enhanced Sikorsky    1986    USAF upgrade of Pave Low II - SOF escort -
                                                      converted HH-53B/C

MH-60G      Pave Hawk             Sikorsky    1983    USAF low-level navigation-converted UH-60A
            Credible Hawk
MH-68                             Agusta      2000    USCG A109 - drug interdiction H-68

MH-90                             McDD        199?    USCG MD900 H-90

MO                                Martin      1924    USN observation land/seaplane

M2O                               Martin      1923    USN observation flying boat

MP-2F       Neptune               Lockheed    1962    USN anti-shipping P-2 - redes. P2V-6B/M

MQ-9        Predator B            General     200?    possible designation of Hellfire-armed Q-9

MS                                Martin      1923    USN aluminum XS - scout flying boat biplane

MS-1                              TDB         200?    "Spaceplane with suborbital flight for multimission
                                                      space support" S-1

MT                                Martin      1920    USMC torpedo bomber

MV-22       Osprey                Bell/Boe.   1989    USMC amphibious assault
                                                      support/transport V-22,
                                                      Army resupply/medevac V-22
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