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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

L                                 Curtiss     1916    triplane trainer - L-2 only des. assigned?

L-1         Vigilant              Stinson     1942    liaison - redes. O-49

L-2         Grasshopper           Taylorcr.   1942    liaison - redes. O-57

L-3         Grasshopper,Defender  Aeronca     1942    liaison - redes. O-58

L-4         Grasshopper, Cub      Piper       1942    USAAF/Army liaison - redes. O-59

L-5 (OY)    Sentinel,Flying Jeep  Stinson     1942    USAAF/Army liaison - redes. O-62 - later U-19

L-6         Cadet, Grasshopper    Interstate  1943    liaison - redes. O-63

L-7         Monocoupe             Universal   1942    experimental liaison

L-8         Cadet                 Interstate  1942    experimental liaison

L-9         Voyager               Stin.Vult.  1942    redesignated O-54

L-10                              Ryan        1942    drafted observation

L-11                              Bellanca    1942    drafted observation

L-12        Reliant               Stinson     1942    drafted C-81 liaison

L-13        Navion                Cons. Vul.  1945    USAF/Army liaison, observation

L-14        Grasshopper, Cub      Piper       1945    liaison - modified L-4

L-15        Scout                 Boeing      1947    Army single boom liaison scout with flaperons

L-16                              Aeronca     1947    USAF/Army light liaison civilian 7-BC

L-17        Navion                North Amer. 1947    Army VIP/troop transport, utility - later U-18

L-18        Super Cub             Piper       1949    USAF/Army modified L-4J

L-19 (OE)   Bird Dog              Cessna      1949    Army multirole liaison, trainer - later O-1

L-20        Beaver                D.H.C       1951    Army STOL liaison/utility transport- later U-6

L-21        Seneca                Piper       1952    liaison/utility - advanced L-4

L-23        Seminole              Beech       1952    Army liaison/utility transport civilian Twin
                                                      Bonanza (A-E), Queen Air (F) - in 1962
                                                      L-23D redes. as U-8D, redes. as U-8D,
                                                      redes. as U-8D, L-23F as U-8F

L-24        Courier               Helio       1956    USAF/Army evaluator of STOL operational

L-25                              McDonnell   1956    Army/USAF experimental VTOL convertiplane -
                                                      later [X]V-1

L-26        Commander             Aero Design 1956    USAF/Army general utility -later U-4
                                                      (USAF)/U-9 (Army) - mod. civilian Commander

L-27        Blue Canoe/Bird,      Cessna      1957    USAF/Army utility/liaison - later U-3

L-28        Super Courier         Helio-GAC   1958    Army/USAF STOL utility with 3/4 wing flaps -
                                                      similar to USAF L-24 - later U-10

LBE                               Pratt-Read  1941    USN bomber glider

LBP                               Piper       1941    Piper-built LBE

LBT                               Taylorcr.   1941    Taylorcraft-built LBE

LB-1        Pegasus               Huff-Dal.   1923    Light Bomber - only single-engine LB

LB-2                              Fokker      1925    light bomber developed from C-2 - single-wing

LB-3        Pirate                Huff-Dal.   1925    derivative LB-1 - new engine

LB-4                              Martin      1928    proposed light bomber

LB-5        Pirate                Huff-Dal.   1927    light bomber - sim. to LB-1, but twin-engined

LB-6        Panther               Keystone    1928    light bomber - modified LB-5

LB-7        Panther               Keystone    1929    mod./reengined LB-6

LB-8        Panther               Keystone    1929    reengined LB-6

LB-9        Panther               Keystone    1929    reengined LB-6

LB-10       Panther               Keystone    1929    single vertical tail LB-6; redes. to B-3 in 1930

LB-11       Panther               Keystone    1930    reengined LB-6

LB-12       Panther               Keystone    1930    reengined LB-7

LB-13       Panther               Keystone    1930    reengined/mod. LB-10A; redes. to B-4, B-6 in 1930

LB-14       Panther               Keystone    1930    reengined/mod. LB-10A

LB-30       Liberator II          Consolid.   1941    modified B-24 for export - non-standard des.

LC-47H/J    Skytrain, Dakota      Douglas     1962    ski-equipped C-47 - redes. R4D-5/6L

LC-117      Super DC-3, Skytrain  Douglas     1962    winterized C-117 - redes. R4D-8L
(R4D-8L)    II

LC-126                            Cessna      1949    Army light transport, liaison, trainer C-126 -
                                                      later U-20 - civilian Model 195

LC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1962    USN wheels/skis polar C-130 - redes. USN UV-1L

LH-34       Seabat                Sikorsky    1962    USN HUS-1L redes. in 1962 to LH-34D -
(HUS-1L)                                              "winterized"

LNE                               Pratt       1945    USN trainer glider

LNP (TG-8)  Cub                   Piper       1941    USN/USMC training glider

LNR (TG-5)                        Aeronca     1941    USN/USMC training glider

LNS (TG-2)                        Schweizer   1941    USMC training glider

LNT (TG-6)  Grasshopper           Taylorcr.   1941    USN training glider

LP-2        Neptune               Lockheed    1962    polar P-2 with skis - redes. P2V-7LP

LRA                               Allied      1941    USN amphibious transport glider

LR2A                              Allied      1941    proposed development LRA

LRG                               AGA         1941    USN amphibious twin hull transport glider

LRH                               Snead       1941    USN amphibious twin hull transport glider

LRN                               N.A.F.      1941    USN transport glider

LR2N                              N.A.F.      1941    USN single hull amphibian transport glider

LRQ                               Bristol     1941    USN amhibious transport glider

LRW (CG-4)  Haig                  Waco        1940    USN CG-4

LR2W                              Waco        1941    USN transport glider

LS                                Loening     1921    USN scout flying boat

LU-16C      Albatross             Grumman     1962    Arctic HU-16 - red. UF-1L

LUSAGH                            Eng. Div.   1918    Army ground attack

LUSAO                             Eng. Div.   1919    Army observation triplane
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