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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

HA          Dunkirk Fighter       Curtiss     1918    escort bpiplane fighter, mailplane

HE          Cub                   Piper       1940    USN/USMC hospital/ambulance; redes. to AE in 1942

HL                                Loening     1925    USN/USMC hospital/ambulance OL

H-1         Owl                   L.W.F.      1920    mail, bomber

[U]H-1      Huey, Iroqouis, Hog,  Bell        1962    USN/USMC/Army/USAF multirole utility
            Slick                                     helicopter - redes. HU-1


[A]H-1      HueyCobra, SeaCobra,  Bell        1965    USN/USMC/Army close support attack, training,
            SuperCobra, Cobra,                        ECM helicopter - competitor H-2, H-3 for Army
            Quick Fix, Snake (-1G)

H-2 (HU2K)  Seasprite,Hooky Tooky Kaman       1962    USN LAMPS I ASW, SAR, utility, observation

H-2 (HU-2)  Tomahawk              Kaman       1963    Army modified UH-2A attack helicopter,
                                                      research, competitor in gunship contract with AH-1, H-3

H-3         Sea King (USN/USMC),  Sikorsky    1963    USN LAMPS III ASW, MCM, helicopter; USCG SAR;
(HSS-2)     Pelican (USCG),                           USMC/USAF/Army VIP transport; USAF JGG SAR;                                        Army
            Jolly Green Giant                         competitor for gunship contract with AH-1, H-2
            (USAF)                                    - USN HSS-2 redes. to SH-3 in 1962

H-4                               Vought-Sik. 1948    redes. R-4

H-4                               Bell        1962    Army LOH competitor, prototype OH-58 - redes.

H-5         Hoverfly              Sikorsky    1948    USN light utility helicopter - USN's 1st
                                                      helicopter - redes. R-5

H-5                               Hiller      1962    Army LOH competitor - redes. HO-5

H-6                               Sikorsky    1948    redesignated R-6

H-6         Cayuse, LOacH,        McDD        1963    Army light observation/light attack helicopter
            Defender, Egg,        (Hughes)            redes. HO-6
            Little Bird, Olive on a Toothpick, Super Bee


H-8                               Curtiss     1916    USN observation seaplane

H-8         Defender,Little Bird, McDD        1988    alleged designation Army armed H-6/civilian MD500/530,
            Olive on a Toothpick, Super Bee           actually AH-6A/MH-6A

H-9                               Firestone   1948    redes. R-9

H-10                              Kellet      1948    redes. R-10

H-11                              Rotorcraft  1948    redes. R-11

H-12                              Curtiss     1918    USN biplane patrol flying boat

H-12                              Bell        1948    redes. R-12

H-13        Sioux                 Bell        1948    USAF/USMC/USN/Army utility/trainer helicopter
(HTL/HUL)                                             redes. R-13 (1948), HTL/HUL (1962)

H-14                              Curtiss     1916    patrol flying boat

H-15                              Bell        1950    USAAF-funded USAGF utility helicopter

H-16                              Curtiss     1918    USN - larger & modified H-12 patrol

H-16        Transporter           Piasecki    1948    USAAF/USAF/Army large twin rotor tactical
                                                      transport/SAR helicopter - redes. R-16

H-17         "Flying Crane"       Hughes/      1952   experimental flying crane helicopter

H-18                              Sikorsky    1946    USAAF/Army utility helicopter

H-19 (HRS/  Chickasaw, Angel      Sikorsky    1949    Army/USAF/USN/USMC/USCG utility, transport, rescue
HO4S)       of Mercy, Elephant Joyeux                 helicopter - redes. from USN/USMC/USCG
                                                      HRS/HO4S in 1962

H-20       Little Henry            McDonnell   1947   experimental helicopter w/rotor-tip ramjets

H-21 (HRP)  Shawnee, Work Horse,  Piasecki    1952    USAF/USN/Army twin rotor transport helicopter
            Flying Banana                             - improved/redes. HRP

H-22                              Kaman       1950    civilian Model K-225 evaluation

H-23 (HTE)  Raven, Hauler         Hiller      1950    Army utility helicopter HTE

H-24                              Seibel      1951    Army observation, utility test helicopter

H-25 (HUP,  Army Mule, Retriever  Piasecki    1951    Army/USN twin rotor utility, support, casevac,
  HJP)                                                rescue helicopter - redes. from USN HUP/HJP in 1962

H-26        Jet Jeep              Amer.       1952    rotor-mounted pulse-jet
                                  Heli.               observation/recon.helicopter

H-27                              Piasecki    1951    2nd H-16 - redes. to H-16A

H-28                              Hughes      1952    proposed modified H-17

H-29                              McDonnell   1952    proposed modified H-20

H-30                              McCulloch   1952    Army twin rotor observation helicopter

H-31                              Doman       1953    Army evaluation utility helicopter - not
                                                      accepted and used as VIP transport

H-32 (HOE)  Hornet                Hiller      1952    Army light helicopter prototype with rotor-tip

H-33                              Bell        1952    Army tiltrotor VTOL - later [X]V-3

H-34        Choctaw(Army),        Sikorsky    1955    USN HSS-1/HUS - redes. from USN/USMC HSS-1/HUS
(HSS/HUS)   Seahorse(USMC),                           in 1962
            Seaboat(USN), Seabat(1st production aircraft)

H-35           Convertiplane      McDonnell   1953    Army/USAF experimental VTOL convertiplane -
                                                      later [X]V-1

H-3626                            Bell        1954    cancelled - designation reserved for USN use;
                                                      also attributed to Air Force project "Long Ears" in 1959

H-37        Mojave, Deuce         Sikorsky    1962    Army/USN/USMC transport, AEW civilian
(HR2S)                                                S-56/HR2S - redes. from USN/USMC HR2S in 1962

H-3826                            Sikorsky    1954    cancelled - designation reserved for USN use;
                                                      also attributed to Air Force project "Short Tail" in 1959

H-39                              Sikorsky    1954    Army - 3rd H-18 - conversion from piston to
                                                      turbine propulsion

H-40                              Bell        1956    Army prototype civilian Model 204 - later HU-1

H-41        Seneca                Cessna      1954    Army experimental light helicopter

H-42                              Hughes      1944    original designation HO-2 - later dev. as TH-55

H-43        Huskie,               Kaman       1956    USN/USAF crash rescue, observation helicopter
(HOK/HUK)     Flying Shithouse                        - redes. HOK/HUK

H-4426                                                unassigned - to avoid conflict with Hiller H-44?
                                                      (internal company designation);
                                                      also attributed to Air Force project "Big Tom" in 1959

H-45                                          1962    Air Force reserved designation for Project "Step Child"


H-46        Sea Knight, Frog,     Boeing V.   1962    USAF/USMC/USN/Army twin rotor transport, SAR,
(HC-1A/HRB) Boeing Body Bag, Boeing Mix Master        MCM, helicopter - redes. HC-1A/HRB, H-49 (CH-46B)

H-47        Chinook, Shithook,    Boeing V.   1964    Army twin rotor transport helicopter-
            Hook                                                 redes. HC-1B

H-48                                                  reserved for missile site support helicopter
                                                      in 1963

H-49        Sea Knight            Boeing V.   1962    original designation of CH-46B

H-50 (DSN)  DASH                  Gyrodyne    1962    USN Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter - redes.

H-51                              Lockheed    1962    experimental high-speed helicopter - USN/Army
                                                      evaluation - predecessor H-56

H-52        Seaguard              Sikorsky    1962    USN/USCG SAR helicopter - redes. HU2S

H-53        Sea Stallion (USN),   Sikorsky    1964    USN/USMC assault transport (CH-53), MCM(RH-53),
            Super Jolly (USAF),                       civilian S-65/S-80(-E); USAF SAR (HH-53B), SOF
            Pave Low I/II/III/Enhanced (SOF),          night/all-weather clandestine operations
            Super Shitter                             (HH-53C/G/H - later MH-53H/J)

H-54        Tarhe, Skycrane       Sikorsky    1962    Army heavy crane helicopter

H-55        Osage                 Hughes      1956    Army primary trainer helicopter - development

H-56        Cheyenne              Lockheed    1967    Army all-weather attack/escort helicopter

H-57        Sea Ranger            Bell        1968    USN instrument flight trainer H-58

H-58        Kiowa, Warrior,       Bell        1968    Army light multirole observation helicopter,
            Aeroscout                                 armed attack (AH/OH-58D) - development H-4

H-59                              Sikorsky    1955    competitor H-40 - modified H-18

H-59                              Sikorsky    1973    Army ABC research helicopter

H-60        (Black/Night/Pave/    Sikorsky    1974    Army UTTAS (UH-60), ECM/SOTAS (EH-60), SOF
            Credible/Quick/Ocean/                     clandestine missions (MH-60K) civilian S-70; USAF
            Jay/CINC/                                 SAR (HH-60A/D/E, UH-60A, MH-60G); USN LAMPS III,
            Rescue) Hawk,                             ASW, VERTREP (SH-60), SAR (HH-60H); USMC VIP
            Quick Fix II, UTTAS, Catfish, Crash Hawk, transport (VH-60); USCG SAR (HH-60J)
            Lawn Dart

H-61        UTTAS                 Boeing V.   1974    Army UTTAS competitor H-60 - LAMPS II

H-62        HLH                   Boeing      1970    Heavy Lift Helicopter

H-63        KingCobra             Bell        1975    Army modified AH-1 - competitor AH-64

H-64        Apache, Sea Apache    McDD        1975    Army anti-armour attack helicopter

H-65        Dolphin               Aerosp.     1984    SAR recon. Aerospatiale SA 366 Dauphin

H-66        Comanche              Boeing/     1991    LHX contract winner - low-observability armed
                                  Sikorsky            recon. helicopter with internal weapons bay

H-67        Creek                 Bell        1995?   trainer civilian Model 206B

H-68                              Agusta      2000    USCG A109 - drug interdiction

H-76        Eagle                 Sikorsky            gunship, SAR, observation, utility helicopter
                                                      civilian S-76 - non-standard designation
H-90                              McDD        199?    USCG MD900 - non-standard designation

HA                                Curtiss     1922    scout flying boat

HB-1        Cyclops               Huff-Dal.   1925    mod./enlarged LB-1 - heavy bomber

HB-2                              Fokker      1926    proposed heavy bomber LB-2 - single wing

HB-3                              Huff-Dal.   1926    proposed single-wing heavy bomber

HCH                               McDonnell   1951    USN proposed crane helicopter

HC-1A       Seaknight             Boeing V.   1962    Army designation of H-46 tandem cargo
(H-46)                                                helicopter

HC-1B       Chinook, Shithook     Boeing V.   1961    Army original des. of H-47 tandem cargo
(H-47)                                                helicopter - redes. CH-1

HC-47       Dakota, Skytrain      Douglas     1962    SAR C-47 - redes. SC-47

HC-54       Skymaster             Douglas     1955    SAR C-54 - redes. SC-54

HC-97       Stratofreighter       Boeing      1950?   sea/air rescue C-97

HC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1962    USCG/USAF mid-air recovery of
                                                      spacecraft/RPV's, SAR, surveillance;
                                                      helicopter refuelling - redes. SC-130

HC-130P     Combat Shadow,        Lockheed            clandestine special ops heli. refueling,
            Hercules                          1964    tactical airdrops - later MC-130P

HC-131      Samaritan             Convair     1960    USCG SAR C-131

!HD-1                             N.A.F.      ?       USN N.A.F.-built Hanriot fighter seaplane

HH-1        Huey                  Bell        1970    USN basic rescue UH-1

HH-2        Seasprite             Kaman       1970    USN SAR H-2

HH-3E       Jolly Green Giant     Sikorsky    1967    USAF combat SAR, transport CH-3E

HH-3F       Pelican               Sikorsky    1968    USCG medium-range recovery HH-3 - similar to

HH-13       Sioux                 Bell        1950?   SAR H-13

HH-19       Chickasaw             Sikorsky    1956    Army SAR H-19 - HH-19G redes. from USCG
                                                      HO4S-3G, USAF SH-19 in 1962

HH-21       Shawnee, Work Horse   Piasecki    1962    MATS rescue H-21 - redes. SH-21

HH-34       Seahorse              Sikorsky    1955    Army SAR H-34 - USCG HUS-1G redes. to HH-34 in
(HUS-1G)                                              1962

HH-43       Huskie,               Kaman       1958    crash rescue H-43
            Flying Shithouse

HH-46       Sea Knight, Frog,     Boeing V.   1975    USMC SAR-converted CH-46
            Boeing Body Bag, Boeing Mix Master 

HH-52       Seaguard              Sikorsky    1962    USCG SAR H-52

HH-53B/C    Super Jolly           Sikorsky    1968    USAF combat SAR H-53

!HH-53C      Pave Low              Sikorsky    1975    modified HH-53 for SOF - night/all-weather

HH-53H      Pave Low              Sikorsky    1979    upgraded Pave Low - better avionics - redes.
                                                      to MH-53H

HH-60A      Night Hawk            Sikorsky    1970    USAF all-weather combat rescue converted
                                                      UH-60A (HH-60A); proposed HH-60D/E with
                                                      better avionics cancelled; all HH-60A +
                                                      9 UH-60A redes./converted to UH-60A
                                                      Credible Hawk, then MH-60G Pave Hawk

HH-60H      Rescue Hawk           Sikorsky    1988    USN SAR-modified SH-60F

HH-60J      Jayhawk14             Sikorsky    1989    USCG MRR HH-60 - modified SH-60F

HH-65       Dolphin               Aerospat.   1984    USCG short-range recovery H-65

HJD         Whirlaway             McDonnell   1946    initial designation HJH

HJH         Whirlaway             McDonnell   1947    USN experimental helicopter with laterally
                                                      displaced rotors - redes. HJD

HJP (H-25)  Army Mule             Piasecki    1948    USN prototype HUP - later H-25

HJS                               Sikorsky    1949    USN utility helicopter

HN (TW-5)                         Huff-Dal.   1922    USN trainer

HNS (R-4)   Hoverfly              Sikorsky    1942    USN trainer R-4 - 1st USN helicopter

HOE (H-32)  Hornet                Hiller      1951    USN observation H-32

HOG                               Gyrodyne    1954    USN - initial designation RON

HOK (H-43)  Huskie                Kaman       1950    USN/USMC observation H-43

HOS (R-6)   Hoverfly II           Sikorsky    1944    USN R-6

HO2S (R-5)  Hoverfly              Sikorsky    1943    USN evaluation R-5

HO3S (R-5)  Hoverfly              Sikorsky    1965    USMC - development HO2S

HO4S        Chickasaw             Sikorsky    1955    USN/USMC (HO4S-1/2/3), USCG (HO4S-3G)
(H-19)                                                carrier-based observation civilian
                                                      S-55/Army H-19A; HO4S-3G later HH-19G,
                                                      HO4S later UH-19F

HO5S                              Sikorsky    1952    USN/USMC H-18

HO                                Huff-Dal.   1923    USN obervation flying boat

HO-1                              Sud-Ouest   1955    Army evaluation French Djinn observation

HO-1E       Pawnee                Hiller      1955    USN non-standard interim des. of VZ-1 VTOL
(VZ-1)                                                research - redes. in 1956

HO-2                              De Lackner  1955    Army VTOL research flying platform - later

HO-2                              Hughes      1956    Army evaluation civilian Model 269/redes. H-42

HO-3                              Brantly     1957    Army evaluation civilian observation

HO-4                              Bell        1962    LOH competitor, prototype H-58 - later OH-4

HO-5                              Hiller      1962    LOH competitor - later OH-5

HO-6                              Hughes      1962    LOH - later OH-6

HRB (H-46)  Seaknight, Frog       Boeing V.   1961    USMC transport helicopter - later CH-46A

HRH                               McDonnell           USN assault helicopter project

HRP         Rescuer, Flying       Piasecki    1945    USN/USMC/USCG transport helicopter
(H-21)      Banana

HRS (H-19)  Chickasaw             Sikorsky    1955    USN/USMC carrier-based troop transport
                                                      civilian S-55 - similar to HO4S-1 - later CH-19E

HR2S        Mojave, Deuce         Sikorsky    1953    USN/USMC carrier-based transport, AEW
(H-37)                                                helicopter

                                                      civilian S-56 - later CH-37 in 1962

HR3S                              Sikorsky    1960    proprietary development HSS-2

HS                                Curtiss     1917    USN/USMC Hydroplane, Single engine biplane
                                                      patrol bomber flying boat

HSL                               Bell        1951    USN twin rotor ASW helicopter

HSS-1       Seabat                Sikorsky    1954    USN/USMC prototype carrier-based ASW (later
(H-34)                                                SH-34), VIP transport (HSS-1Z [later VH-34D])
                                                      helicopter civilian S-58 - also HUS

HSS-2       Hiss                  Sikorsky    1959    USN/USMC carrier-based ASW prototype of
(SH-3)                                                civilian S-61 - redes. to SH-3 in 1962

HTE (H-23)  Raven, Hauler         Hiller      1955    USN trainer helicopter civlian UH-12

HTK                               Kaman               USN trainer helicopter

HTL         Sioux                 Bell        1946    USN/USMC trainer HH-13N/TH-13L/M/N

HUK (H-43)  Huskie                Kaman       1958    USN utility H-43

HU2K (H-2)  Seasprite,Hooky Tooky Kaman       1959    USN carrier-based SAR/utility helicopter

HUL         Sioux                 Bell        1959    USN SAR utility HH-13Q/UH-13P/R

HUM                               McCulloch           USN utility helicopter

HUP (H-25)  Retriever             Piasecki    1949    USN/USMC utility H-25 - redes. HJP

HUS (H-34)  Seahorse              Sikorsky    1950    USMC utility/transport (later UH-34), Arctic
                                                      operation(HUS-1L[later LH-34D]), USCG SAR
                                                      (HUS-1G [later HH-34F]) version of HSS-1

HU2S        Seaguard              Sikorsky    1962    USN utility HH-52

HU-1        Huey                  Bell        1959    Army preproduction/redes. H-40 - later [U]H-1

HU-16       Albatross             Grumman     1962    USAF rescue/utility amphibian JR2F/U-16- redes.
(JR2F)                                                SA-16

HU-25       Guardian(A),          Dass.Breg.  1982    USCG surveillence U-25
            Interceptor(C), Falcon

HV-22       Osprey                Bell/Boe.   1989    proposed USN SAR V-22

HZ-1                              De Lackner  1956    Army non-standard des. of VTOL research flying
                                                      platform - redes. HO-2

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