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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

GB (C-43)   Traveler,Staggerwing  Beech       1939    USN/USMC utility transport "staggerwing"
                                                      biplane - redes. JB - USN counterpart C-43

GH (C-70)   Nightingale           Howard      1943    USN/USMC transport/ambulance C-70

GK (C-86/   Forwarder             Fairchild   1941    USN transport C-86/C-61

GQ                                Stinson     1941    USN transport

GV          Hercules              Lockheed    1960    original designation USMC KC-130/USN C-130F

G-1                               Kellett     1935    experimental autogyro

G-1                               Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

G-2                               L.W.F.      1918    Army recon., trainer, bomber

G-2                               Pitcairn    1936    experimental autogyro

G-2                               Northwest.  1945    redes. PG-2

G-2                               Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

G-3         Hadrian               Waco        1945    redes. PG-3/CG-15

G-4         Hadrian               Waco        1942    redes. CG-4

G-3                               Schweizer   1989?   USAF Academy non-motorized training glider

G-4                               Schweizer   1988?   USAF Academy non-motorized training glider

G-5                               Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

G-6                               Schweizer   ?       des. reserved for Air Force Academy training glider

G-7                               Schweizer   1982?   USAF Academy training motorized glider

G-8                               Schweizer   1989    surveillance/law-enforcement glider

G-9                               Schleicher  1989    USAF Academy competition/trainer sailplane

G-10                              Lai.-Kauf.  1945    redes. CG-10

G-10                              Let         199?    USAF non-motorized training glider for Academy;
                                  Flugzeugwerke       civilian models L23 Super Blanik (A & B), L13AC Blanik (C),
                                                      and L33 Solo Blanik (D)							   

G-11                              Stemme Gmbh 199?    USAF motorized training glider for Academy

G-12                              Caproni     200?    training glider model A-12

G-13                              Northwest.  1944    redes. CG-13

G-14                              Chase       1945    redes. CG-14

G-14                              Grupo       2001    USAF Academy Introductory Flight Training Program motorized
                                  Aeromot             glider civ. AMT-200S "Super Ximango;" replacements for T-3

G-15                              Waco        1945    redes. CG-15

G-18                              Waco        1947    redes. CG-18

G-20                              Chase       1948    all-metal glider C-123 - redes. CG-20

GA-1                              Boeing      1921    ground attack triplane - production GAX

GA-2                              Boeing      1922    ground attack biplane

GAX                               Eng. Div.   1920    AAS Ground Attack eXperimental

GB-1                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-2                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-3                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-4                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb; TV guided

GB-5                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-6                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb; IR guided

GB-7                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-8                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb; visually guided

GB-9                              ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-10                             ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-11                             ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-12                             ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb; used against naval targets

GB-13                             ATSC        1942?   Glide bomb

GB-14                             ATSC/AMC    1942?   Glide bomb; active radar homing

GB-15                             ATSC/BELL   1942?   Glide bomb

GC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1960    drone control C-130 - later DC-130

GMB                               Martin      1918    Army - Glenn Martin Bomber, recon. scout -
                                                      redes. to MB-1

GMC                               Martin      1918    Glenn Martin Cannon - GMB equipped with 37mm cannon

GMT                               Martin      1918    Transcontinental GMB with extra fuel

GRB-36F     Peacemaker            Convair     1953    FICON - launched/retrieved GRF-84F

GRF-84F     Thunderjet            Republic    1953    GRB-36F parasite fighter

GT-1                              ATSC        1943?   GB-1 with torpedo

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