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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

FA                                Atlantic    1932    USN fighter

F2A         Buffalo               Brewster    1937    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter - 1st monoplane
                                                      equipping a USN squadron

F3A         Corsair               Brewster    1943    USN/USMC Brewster-built F4U

FB (PW-9)                         Boeing      1924    USN biplane fighter - Boeing's 1st naval
                                                      fighter - developed with the PW-9

F2B (P-8)                         Boeing      1926    USN carrier-based biplane fighter - similar to
                                                      USAAS P-8 - modified FB

F3B                               Boeing      1927    USN/USMC carrier-based biplane fighter -
                                                      development F2B

F4B (P-12)                        Boeing      1928    USN carrier-based biplane fighter P-12

F5B (P-15)                        Boeing      1930    USN monoplane P-15

F6B                               Boeing      1933    USN fighter-bomber - based on F4B; redes. to BFB in 1934

F7B                               Boeing      1933    USN fighter - modified P-29

F8B                               Boeing      1944    USN long-range contra-rotating propellors

CF                                Curtiss     1922    USN "paper" designation of CR -
                                                      racers classed as fighters

F2C                               Curtiss     1924    USN "paper" designation of R2C

F3C                               Curtiss     1925    USN "paper" designation of R3C

F4C                               Curtiss     1922    USN/USMC biplane fighter - all-metal TS

F5C                                                   designation skipped to avoid confusion with

F6C (PW-8)  Hawk                  Curtiss     1925    USN/USMC biplane fighter - carrier-based P-1

F7C         Seahawk               Curtiss     1928    USN/USMC biplane fighter

F8C-1/3     Falcon                Curtiss     1928    USN/USMC 2-seat biplane fighter-bomber
                                                      redes. to OC

F8C-2/8     Helldiver             Curtiss     1928    USN/USMC's 1st dive bomber - modified F8C-1/3
                                                      modified/redes. to O2C

F9C         Sparrowhawk           Curtiss     1931    USN biplane parasite fighter operating from

F10C        Helldiver             Curtiss     1931    USN biplane fighter - modified O2C (F8C-8)

F11C        Goshawk               Curtiss     1932    USN carrier-based biplane fighter-bomber;
                                                      redes. to BFC/BF2C in 1934

F12C                              Curtiss     1933    USN parasol wing fighter, pursuit

F13C        Mystery Fighter       Curtiss     1934    USN/USMC fighter

F14C                              Curtiss     1944    USN contra-rotating propellors fighter

F15C                              Curtiss     1945    USN jet+turboprop fighter

FD                                Douglas     1933    USN/USMC fighter - last fixed-gear biplane

FD          Phantom               Douglas     1945    1st USN carrier-based jet fighter - later FH

F2D         Banshee               Douglas     1947    USN carrier-based fighter-bomber - later F2H

F3D (F-10)  Skyknight, Willy the  Douglas     1948    USN/USMC's 1st jet night fighter - all-weather
            Whale, Whale, Drut                        carrier-based fighter

F4D (F-6)   Skyray, Ford          Douglas     1951    USN/USMC carrier-based interceptor & attack

F5D         Skylancer             Douglas     1954    USN much-modified/supersonic F4D-2

F6D         Missileer             Douglas     1960    USN patrol interceptor

FF          Fifi                  Grumman     1931    USN biplane fighter, scout

F2F                               Grumman     1933    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter-bomber

F3F         Flying Barrel         Grumman     1935    USN/USMC larger wingspan/fuselage F2F - last
                                                      USN biplane fighter

F4F         Wildcat               Grumman     1937    1st USN/USMC monoplane fighter

F5F (P-50)  Skyrocket             Grumman     1938    experimental USN 2-engined fighter

F6F         Hellcat               Grumman     1942    USN/USMC carrier-based night fighter/

F7F (P-65)  Tigercat              Grumman     1944    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter-bomber, night

F8F         Bearcat               Grumman     1944    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter, fighter-bomber

F9F(1-5)    Panther               Grumman     1948    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter-bomber,
                                                      photographic recon.

F9F(6-8)    Cougar                Grumman     1951    modified, reengined, swept-wing F9F(1-5), same
(F-9)                                                 roles as well as trainer

F9F-9       Tiger                 Grumman     1954    USN - prototype F11F (F-11)

F10F        Jaguar                Grumman     1952    USN swing-wing fighter (2nd American

F11F        Tiger                 Grumman     1955    USN carrier-based fighter-bomber - redes.
(F-11)                                                F9F-9

F12F                              Grumman     1956    USN proposed all-weather interceptor
                                                      development F11F - competitor F4H

FG          Comanche              Eberhart    1927    USN fighter

F2G                               Eberhart    1928    USN seaplane FG

FG          Corsair               Goodyear    1943    USN/USMC Goodyear-built F4U

F2G         Corsair               Goodyear    1945    USN proposed low-altitude F4U

FH                                Hall        1929    USN fighter

FH          Phantom               McDonnell   1947    USN/USMC fighter - 1st jet to land on aircraft
                                                      carrier - redes. FD

F2H (F-2)   Banshee, Banjo        McDonnell   1947    USN/USMC carrier-based all-weather
                                                      fighter-bomber- redes. F2D - redes. to
                                                      F-2 in 1962

F3H (F-3)   Demon, Lead Sled      McDonnell   1951    USN carrier-based all-weather night fighter -
                                                      redes. to F-3 in 1962

F4H (F-4)   Phantom II ,  Rhino   McDonnell   1955    USN carrier-based fleet defence interceptor -
            Double Ugly, Spectre,                     development/redes. AH - redes. to F-4 in 1962
            Flying Bathtub, Pig, Old Smokey, Converter, Rhino, St. Louis Slugger

FJ                                Ber.-Joyce  1930    USN fighter

F2J (P-16)                        Ber.-Joyce  1933    USN fighter

F3J                               Ber.-Joyce  1934    USN - last biplane fighter with fixed landing

FJ-1 (F-1)  Fury                  North Amer. 1946    USN carrier-based fighter-bomber

FJ-2/4      Fury                  North Amer. 1952    USN/USMC swept-wing modified F-86E -
(F-86E)                                               carrier-based fighter, drone controller, attack fighter

FL                                Loening     1933    USN biplane fighter

FL (P-39)   Airabonita            Bell        1940    USN P-39C

F2L (P-63)  Kingcobra             Bell        1942    USN P-63

F3L                               Bell        1960    USN proposed version of USAF F-109 VTOL
(F-109)                                               fighter - cancelled

FM          Wildcat               Gen. Mot.   1943    USN/USMC G.M.-built reengined F4F

F2M         Wildcat               Gen. Mot.   1944    USN - reengined FM

F3M         Bearcat               Gen. Mot.   1945    USN GM-produced F8F

FN                                N.A.F.              cancelled USN fighter project

FO (P-38)   Lightning             Lockheed    1939    USN P-38 fighter

FO          Salmon, Vertijet      Lockheed    1950    initial designation FV

FR          Fireball              Ryan        1944    USN carrier-based fighter with radial + jet

F2R         Dark Shark            Ryan        1946    USN turboprop + jet derivative of FR

FS          Spitfire              Supermar.   1945    USN designation Spitfire fighter

FT (A-17)                         Northrop    1934    1st Navy twin-engine - carrier-based attack
                                                      fighter - based on USAAF A-17

F2T (P-61)  Black Widow           Northrop    1944    USN/USMC trainer P-61

UF                                Vought              initial designation UO

FU                                Vought      1926    USN carrier-based/battleship fighter, trainer -
                                                      redes./development UO

F2U                               Vought      1929    USN 2-place fighter

F3U                               Vought      1933    USN fighter

F4U         Corsair,              Vought      1940    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter-bomber, night
            Bent-Wing Bird                            fighter, recon.

F5U         Skimmer, Flying       Chance Vo.  1940    USN experimental carrier-based saucer-wing


F6U         Pirate                Vought      1946    USN -Vought's 1st jet fighter

F7U         Cutlass,              Vought      1950    tailless USN/USMC carrier-based fighter,
            Gutless Cutlass                         recon.

F8U (F-8)   Crusader,             Vought      1955    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter, fighter-bomber
            MiG Master

FV          Salmon, Vertijet,     Lockheed    1953    USN experimental VATOL fighter-
            Vertical Riser
                                                      contra-rotating propellors - redes. FO

FV                                Vickers     1943    proposed Vickers-built F6F

F2W         Tornado Experimental  Wright      1923    USN fighter/racer

F3W         Apache                Wright      1926    USN fighter - reengined F2W

FY          Pogo                  Convair     1954    USN experimental VATOL fighter with contra-
                                                      rotating propellors

F2Y (F-7)   Sea Dart              Convair     1954    USN experimental jet fighter with skis to take
                                                      off/land on water

F-1         Camel                 Sopwith     1917    fighter

F-1                               Fairchild   1929    photographic recon. - redes. C-8

F-1 (FJ)    Fury                  North Amer. 1962    USN carrier-based fighter - redes. FJ

F-2         Expeditor,Bugsmasher  Beech       1941    photographic recon.-converted C-45

F-2 (F2H)   Banshee, Banjo        McDonnell   1962    USN carrier-based fighter-bomber - redes. F2H

F-3         Havoc                 Douglas     1940    photographic reconaissance A-20

F-3 (F3H)   Demon, Lead Sled      McDonnell   1962    USN carrier-based interceptor, attack-redes.

F-4         Lightning             Lockheed    1941    photographic reconaissance P-38

F-4 (F4H)   Phantom II, Rhino,    McDD        1962    USN/USAF carrier-based interceptor/fighter -
            Double Ugly, Spectre,                     land/sea operations - redes. F4H/F-110
            Flying Bathtub, Pig,
            Old Smokey, Converter, Rhino, St. Louis Slugger

F-4G        Wild Weasel           McDD        1968    USAF defense suppression F-4

F-5L                              N.A.F./     1918    USN/USMC modified H-16 - patrol flying boat
                                  Curtiss             with Liberty engine

F-5         Lightning             Lockheed    1942    photographic reconnaissance P-38 - modified

F-5         Freedom Fighter,Tiger Northrop    1963,   USN/USAF light tactical fighter
            (A,B), Tiger II (E,F),            1972    "Top Gun" DACT

F-6L                              N.A.F.      1918    modified F-5L

F-6         Mustang               North Amer. 1942    photographic reconnaissance P-51

F-6 (F4D)   Skyray, Ford          Douglas     1962    USN/USMC carrier-based interceptor & attack -
                                                      redes. F4D

F-7         Liberator             Cons. Vul.  1942    photographic reconnaissance B-24D

F-7 (F2Y)   Sea Dart              Convair     1962    USN experimental fighter - redes. F2Y

F-8         Mosquito              D.H.C.      1943    development of Mosquito - photographic recon.

F-8 (F8U)   Crusader,             Vought      1962    USN/USMC carrier-based fighter/fighter-bomber,
            MiG Master                                recon. - redes. F8U

F-9         Flying Fortress       Boeing      1942    photographic reconnaissance B-17

F-9         Cougar                Grumman     1962    USN carrier-based fighter - redes. F9F-(6-8)

F-10        Mitchell              North Amer. 1941    unarmed photographic reconnaissance B-25

F-10 (F3D)  Skyknight, Willy      Douglas     1962    USN/USMC's 1st jet night fighter - redes. F3D
            the Whale, Whale, Drut

F-11                              Hughes      1944    experimental contrarotating propellors twin-boom
                                                      reconnaissance - development A-37

F-11        Tiger                 Grumman     1962    USN carrier-based fighter-bomber - redes. F11F

F-12        Rainbow               Douglas     1944    long-range photographic reconnaissance

F-12        The Thing,           Lockheed    1964    high-speed interceptor, later SR-71 -
            Blackbird                                 development A-12 (A-11?)3

F-13        Superfortress         Boeing      1944    camera reconnaissance B-29

F-13                                                  designation unassigned in 1962 system (superstition?)

F-14        Shooting Star         Lockheed    1944    photographic reconnaissance P-80

F-14        Tomcat, Turkey        Grumman     1970    USN carrier-based swing-wing

F-14D       Super Tomcat          Grumman     1987    reengined/modified F-14

F-15        Reporter              Northrop    1945    recon. - modified P-61 (also FP-61)

F-15        Eagle, Big Bird,      McDD        1972    air superiority fighter with attack
            Aluminum Overcast,                        capabilities
			Great Bird Rodan, Rodan, Tennis Court

F-15        Streak Eagle          McDD        1975    stripped high-performance F-15A

F-15E       Strike Eagle          McDD        1982    multirole fighter/attack, with FAST packs/CFT

F-16        Fighting Falcon,      G.D.        1974    USAF multirole fighter, trainer - winner of LWF
            Electric Jet, Viper,                      contract; USN DACT (F-16N)
			Little Hummer, Lawn Dart

F-16        Agile Falcon          G.D.        1987    modified F-16C with 25% greater wing area

F-16XL                            G.D.        1982    mod. F-16 with cranked-arrow delta wing - redes.
                                                      as F-16E - non-standard designation

F-17        Cobra                 Northrop    1974    competitor of the F-16 in USAF LWF contract -
                                                      modified into F/A-18 for USN/USMC

F/A-18      Hornet,               McDD        1978    USN/USMC carrier & land-based
                  Plastic Bug                         fighter/attack (-18A and -18C),
                                                      trainer(-18B), night attack (-18D) -
                                                      modified F-17

F/A-18E/F/G Super Hornet,         Boeing/McDD 1993    modified F/A-18C/D - larger, greater
            Growler (F/A-18G)                         payload, reengined; F/A-18G proposed replacement for EA-6B, AKA EA-18


F-20        Tigershark            Northrop    1982    multirole tactical fighter development of
                                                      the F-5G

F-21        Lion (Kfir)           IAI         1985    USN/USMC Top Gun DACT - leased Israeli
                                                      Kfir jets

F-22        Lightning 2, Raptor,  Lockheed/   1991    USAF Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF)
            Rapier?               Boeing &            winner with internal weapons & thrust
                                  G.D.                vectoring - USN proposed navalized version
                                                      (NATF) - comp. F-23

F-23        Black Widow II, Gray  Northrop/   1991    competitor F-22 - ATF demonstrator
            Ghost                 McDD

F-24                              Douglas     1948    redes. A-24 (SBD)

F-35                              Lockheed    2001    USAF/USN/USMC multirole fighter development of X-35; apparent des. of JSF
                                                      (Joint Strike Fighter), obviously incorrectly based on X-35 rather than F-24

F-38L       Lightning             Lockheed    1948    long-range twin boom fighter - redes. P-38L

F-40        Warhawk               Curtiss     1948    fighter-bomber - redes. P-40

F-47        Thunderbolt, The Jug, Republic    1948    air superiority fighter, bomber - redes. P-47
            Big Ugly, Bucket of Bolts, Cast Iron Beast, Repulsive Scatterbolt,
            Seven-Ton Milk Bottle, T-bolt, Thunder Mug

F-51        Mustang, Apache,      North Amer. 1948    USAF air superiority fighter, attack -
            Peter-Dash-Flash,                         redes. P-51; Army chase plane
            Spam Can, Stang                           for AH-56 helicopter (delivered 1968)

F-59        Airacomet             Bell        1948    1st American jet fighter - redes. P-59A

F-61 (F2T)  Black Widow           Northrop    1948    twin boom night fighter, strategic recon. -
                                                      redes. P-61

F-63 (F2L)  Kingcobra             Bell        1948    fighter-bomber - based on P-39E - redes. P-63

F-80        Shooting Star, Lead   Lockheed    1948    fighter-bomber, interceptor - redes. P-80
(TO-1/      Sled, Lockheed Racer, T-Bird, T-Bag

F-81        Silver Bullet         Convair     1948    jet + turboprop long-range escort fighter -
                                                      redes. P-81

F-82        Twin Mustang          North Amer. 1948    escort & night fighter with 2 P-51H fuselages
                                                      joined by 1 wing & stabilizer - redes. P-82

F-83                              Bell        1948    experimental long-range jet escort fighter -
                                                      development P-59A - redes. P-83

F-84        Thunder Jet/Streak/   Republic    1948    fighter-bomber - redes. P-84
            Flash, The Hog, Ground Hog, Ground-Loving Whore, Lead Sled, Lieutenant Eater,
            Mechanic's Nightmare, Bumblebee

F-84F       Thunderstreak,        Republic    1951    swept-wing F-84 - redes. F-96
            Super Hog, Thunderscreech

F-85        Goblin, Bumble Bee,   McDonnell   1948    parasite fighter carried in B-36/EB-29B bomb
            Parasite                                  bay - redes. P-85

F-86        Sabre                 North Amer. 1948    fighter-bomber - redes. P-86 - F-86E basis for
(FJ-2/4)                                              FJ-2/4

F-86D       Dogship, Sabre Dog    North Amer. 1949    gunless all-weather interceptor F-86  - redes. F-95

F-87        Blackhawk             Curtiss     1948    1st dedicated all-weather fighter -
                                                      development A-43 with 4 jets - redes. P-87

F-88        Voodoo                McDonnell   1948    long-range escort fighter - competitor F-90 &
                                                      F-93 - redes. P-88 - developed into F-101

F-89        Scorpion, FOD Vacuum, Northrop    1948    all-weather/night interdictor - redes. P-89
            World's Largest Vacuum Cleaner, Stanley Steamer

F-90                              Lockheed    1948    experimental long-range penetration fighter -
                                                      competitor F-88/F-93 - redes. P-90

F-91        Thunderceptor         Republic    1948    experimental rocket-assisted swept wing with
                                                      inverse taper & variable incidence wings - redes. P-91

F-92        Dart,Seven Balls Two  Convair     1948    experimental - 1st delta-wing jet - redes.

F-93        Sabre                 North Amer. 1950    penetration fighter F-86 with flush air
                                                      intakes - competitor F-88/F-93

F-94        Starfire              Lockheed    1949    all-weather fighter/interceptor - modified  T-33/F-80

F-95        Sabre                 North Amer. 1950    night fighter F-86 - redes. as F-86D

F-96        Thunderjet            Republic    1950    original designation of swept-wing F-84 -
                                                      redes. as F-84F

F-97        Starfire              Lockheed    1950    modified F-94B  - redes. as F-94C


F-98        Falcon                Hughes      1951    original designation Falcon AAM - later GAR-1, AIM-4

F-99        Bomarc                Boeing      1951    original designation Bomarc SAM - later IM-99

F-100       Super Sabre, Hun,     North Amer. 1953    fighter-bomber, interceptor - first "Century
            Sabre 45, Lead Sled, Silver Dollar        Series" fighter

F-101       Voodoo, One-O-Wonder  McDonnell   1954    fighter-bomber, all-weather interceptor -
                                                      based on F-88 - F-101B originally designated F-10911

F-102       Delta Dagger, Deuce,  Convair     1953    1st supersonic delta-wing - all-weather

            Dagger                                    interceptor F-92

F-103                             Republic    1951    experimental Mach 4 delta interceptor with

F-104       Starfighter, Missile  Lockheed    1952    day interceptor, air superiority fighter
            With a Man In It, Zipper, Zip, Widow Maker

F-105       Thunderchief, Thud,   Republic    1955    all-weather fighter-bomber - competitor F-107
            Hyper-Hog, Iron Butterfly, Lead Sled, The Nickel, One-Man Air Force, Thunderthud,
            Triple Threat, Ultra-Hog, Squash Bomber, Squat Bomber, Republic Iron and Steel Works, Mighty Iron Hardware

F-105D      T-Stick II            Republic    1970    improved all-weather bomber F-105

F-105G      Wild Weasel           Republic    1960    EW/defence suppression F-105 - redes. EF-105F

F-106       Thunderjet            Republic    1950    jet + propellor F-84 - temporary designation

F-106       Delta Dart, Six,      Convair     1956    all-weather interceptor
            Sixshooter, Dart

F-107       Ultra Sabre           North Amer. 1956    experimental fighter with overhead air intake -
                                                      based on F-100 - competitor F-105

F-108       Rapier                North Amer. 1959    experimental Mach 3 long-range delta
                                                      interceptor- escort for XB-70


F-109                             Bell        1960    supersonic 8-jet VTOL fighter-bomber

F-110       Spectre, Phantom II   McDonnell   1962    air superiority/tactical support F-4 - redes.
                                                      as F-4C

F-111       Aardvark, Vark,       G.D.        1964    USN (cancelled)/USAF long-range interdictor
            Flying Edsel, Swinger,                    attack - 1st swing-wing fighter in service
            Switchblade, Switchblade Edsel, Widow Maker, Swing-Wing Coffin


F-117       Nighthawk, Black Jet, Lockheed    1982    tailless delta-shaped low-visibility("stealth")
            Wobblin' Goblin,                          covert strike fighter
            Stealth Fighter, Scorpion, Frisbee, Bat Plane, Ghost

FA-26       Invader               Douglas     1946    photographic recon. A-26 (B-26) - redes. to RB-26

FB-29       Superfortress         Boeing      1945    redesignated F-13

FB-111      Aardvark, Vark,       G.D.        1967    strategic attack F-111 -
            Switchblade, Switchblade Edsel, Widow     incorrect designation; should be BF-11121
            Maker, Swing-Wing Coffin

FB-111H     Saber Penetrator      G.D.        1987    proposed replacement for Stealth bomber -
                                                      replaced by B-1B and B-2

FG-1                              Cornelius   1944    fuel glider with expendable fuel tank

FLB                               Gen. Airc.  1921    USCG research amphibian - later PJ

FM-1        Airacuda, Aerocuda    Bell        1937    USAAC Fighter Multiplace - pusher with 2 gunner
                                                      pods on wings forward of each engine -
                                                      bomber destroyer

FM-2                              Lockheed    1937    competitor FM-1

FP-51       Mustang               North Amer. 1946    redes. F-6 - later RF-51

FP-61       Black Widow           Northrop    1946    recon. P-61 - later RF-61

FP-80       Shooting Star         Lockheed    1946    recon. P-80 - redes. F-14 - later RF-80

FP-87       Blackhawk             Curtiss     1948    photographic recon. P-87 - later RF-87

FT                                Fokker      1923    USN torpedo bomber flying boat

FV-12                             Rockwell    1972    USN experimental VATOL ground attack fighter

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