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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

E-1                               Curtiss     1914    USN amphibian; redes. to AX-1

E-1                               Standard    1918    Army/USMC trainer

E-1 (WF)    Tracer, Willy Fudd    Grumman     1962    USN carrier-based AEW C-1/S-2 - redes. WF-2

E-2 (W2F)   Hawkeye, Hummer       Grumman     1962    USN/USCG/Customs carrier-based AEW - redes.

E-3         Sentry, AWACS         Boeing      1973    AEW&C civilian 707-320 - rebuilt EC-137D

E-4         NEACP, AABNCP,        Boeing      1973    airborne command center for president and staff -
            PACCS, Kneecap, Doomsday,                 modified civilian 747
            Flying White House

E-5         Eagle                 Windecker   1973    nonmetallic propellors, fiberglass structure
                                                      Stealth demonstrator

E-6         Hermes, Mercury,      Boeing      1987    USN radio relay, TACAMO C-137/civilian 707

E-7                               Boeing      1981    reserved for multirole civ. Boeing 707;
                                                      cancelled, redes. to C-18

E-8         J-STARS               Boeing      1988    USAF/Army J-STARS 707 (B) - redes. C-18A (A)

E-9                               Boeing      1984    USN telemetry relay DHC-8-100
                                  Canada (DHC)
E-10                              ?           2003    USAF multisensor command and control aircraft

EA-1        Skyraider, Spad,      Douglas     1962    USN carrier-based AEW A-1 - redes. AD-5Q/W
(AD-5Q/W)   Sandy

EA-3        Skywarrior, Electric  Douglas     1962    USN carrier-based ECM A-3 - redes. A3D-1/2Q
(A3D-1/     Whale

EA-4        Skyhawk               McDD        1970    USN EW simulator - modified TA-4F

EA-6(A2F-1Q)Prowler, Queer,       Grumman     1963    USN carrier-based ECM, utility A-6 - redes.
             Double Ugly, Gliding Electric Show,      A2F-1Q; USAF replacement for EF-111
             Q-Bird, Sterile Arrow

EA-7        Corsair II            Vought      1983    USN carrier-based FLIR, ECM A-7 - modified
EA-18       Super Hornet; Growler Boeing/McDD 199?    USN proposed AEA (Airborne Electronic Attack)-modified F/A-18F; replacement
                                                      for EA-6B; AKA F/A-18G
EB-26       Invader               Douglas     1950    B-26 mod. for drag chute and brake testing -
                                                      "E" for "exempt" status

EB-29B      The Monster, Monstro, Boeing      1948    F-85 mother ship

EB-47       Stratojet             Boeing      1962    USAF post-attack communication relay station,
                                                      USN EW training B-47E

EB-50       Superfortress         Boeing      1950?   experimentally mod. B-50 with tracked landing gear -
                                                      "E" for "exempt" status

EB-57       Canberra              Martin      1973    enemy attack simulator B-57E

EB-66       Destroyer             Douglas     1965    clandestine ferreting, ECM, ELINT B-66

EC-1(TF-1Q) Trader                Grumman     1962    USN ECM trainer C-1 - redes. TF-1Q

EC-18B/C/D  ARIA, J-STARS         Boeing      1985    USAF/Army ARIA, redes. C-18A (B); J-STARS
                                                      civilian 707 (C); cruise miss. control,
                                                      rebuilt EC-135(D)

EC-20       Gulftream III         Gulstream   1980?   electronic recon. C-20

EC-24                             Douglas     1989    C3 threat simulator C-24 - civ. DC-8 (freighter)

EC-47       Dakota, Skytrain      Douglas     1962    EW navigator trainer - redes. R4D-5/6Q
(R4D-5/6Q)                                            (AC-47D)

EC-54(R5D-4)Skymaster             Douglas     1955    AACS, electronic recon. C-54 - redes. in 1962 from

EC-121      Warning Star, Connie, Lockheed    1962    USN/USAF radio warning, fighter control, sensor
(WV)        College Eye, Big Eye                      relay C-121 - redes. WV (PO-1W), TC-121; Army
                                                      missile tracker - actually JC-121K

EC-130      Compass Call,         Lockheed    1965    USAF ABCCC/ELINT, USCG navigational
            Hercules                                  calibration (E); ECM jamming (H); USN
                                                      TACAMO/sub contact(G/Q)C-130

EC-135                            Boeing      1964    SAC post & attack command/control system
                                                      KC-135B; ARIA C-135B

EC-137D                           Boeing      1972    AWACS evaluation, C3 C-137

EF-4        Phantom II            McDD        1968    TAC F-4?, USN EW training F-4J (1980?)

EF-10       Skyknight             Douglas     1962    ECM jamming and dispenser F-10 - redes. F3D-2Q

EF-82D      Twin Mustang          North Amer. 1948    redes. P-82D

EF-105F     Thunderchief          Republic    1960?   temporary designation of F-105G

EF-111      Raven, Electric Fox,  Grumman     1977    EW F-111
            Spark Vark, Aardvark, (G.D.)

EH-1H       Quick Fix             Bell        1978    EW UH-1

EH-6E       Cayuse                Hughes/McDD 1981    Army elec. surveillance H-6 / civ. Model 500D
                                                      redes. to MH-E/H

EH-60A      Quick Hawk, Quick     Sikorsky    1981    Army ECM-converted UH-60A (Quick Fix II
            Fix II,                                   program) - redes. to EH-60C in 1988; EH-60B
            Black Hawk                                SOTAS-converted UH-60A

EKA-3B      Skywarrior            Douglas     1966    TACOS program A-3

EM                                Elias       1922    USMC expeditionary flying boat/land-based aircraft

EO-5                              DeHavilland 1997?   Army SIGINT O-5 - mod. civ. Dash 7

EP-2        Neptune               Lockheed    1962    USN/USAF electronic recon. P-2 - redes.
(P2V-5)                                               P2V-5FE

EP-3        Aries, Orion          Lockheed    1974    emission detector P-3

ERA-3B      Skywarrior            Douglas     ?       "ECM aggressor" A-3

ERB-47      Stratojet             Boeing      1953    ELINT ("Ferret") B-47

ERF-80      Shooting Star         Lockheed    1950    photographic equipment testbed F-80

ES-2D       Tracker               Grumman     1970    telemetry relay/ELINT S-2

ES-3        Shadow, Viking,       Lockheed    1989    tactical electronic recon. S-3

ET-29                             Convair     1950?   EW, airway test T-29

ETF-51      Mustang               North Amer. 1950?   modified F-51D - USN-modified testbed

EU-21       Ute                   Beech       1967    SIGINT/EW U-21

EV-1        Mohawk                Grumman     1970?   Army electronic surveillance OV-1

EZ-1                              Goodyear    1962    AEW airship Z-1 - redes. ZPG-3W

EZ-2        Sentinel 5000         Airship I.  1989    proposed EW, multirole airship Z-2

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