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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

!DH (C-70)   Nightingale           Howard      1943    USN/USMC transport
!D not in designation system

D-1                               Burgess     1912    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-6 in 1914

D-1                               Dornier     1922    all-metal cantilever research

D-2                               Burgess     1912    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-7 in 1914

D-7                               Fokker      1921    USMC - German WWI fighter converted to trainer

DB-1                              Gallaudet   1921    day bomber - single-wing

!DB-17      Flying Fortress       Boeing      1941    testing B-17

DB-26J      Invader               Douglas     1962    drone-tug - redes. JD

DB-36H      Peacemaker            Convair     1953    modified B-36H - carried B-63 (GAM-63) Rascal

DB-45       Tornado               North Amer. 1950    guided missile director

DB-50       Superfortress         Boeing      1960?   GAM-63 Rascal AGM mother ship B-50

DB-52       Stratofortress        Boeing      1960?   same role as DB-36H - modified B-52

DC-130      Hercules              Lockheed    1962    RPV launch and control - redes. GC-130

DF-1C/D     Fury                  North Amer. 1962    USN drone director of Regulus (DF-1C[FJ-3D]),
(FJ-3D/3D2)                                           KDA (DF-1D[FJ-3D2])

DF-8        Crusader              Vought      1962    USN RPV control - redes. F8U-1D

DF-9E/F     Cougar                Grumman     1962    USN drone control - redes. F9F-5KD(DF-9E),
(F9F-5KD/6D)                                          F9F-6D (DF-9F)

DF-80       Shooting Star         Lockheed    1950    drone control F-80

DF-100      Super Sabre, Hun,     North Amer.         missile/RPV director F-100
            Sabre 45

DH-4 (O2B)  Liberty Plane,        De Havil.,  1917    USAAC/USN/USMC observation/bomber biplane
            Flaming Coffin        Dayton-Wright

DOS                               Douglas     1924    observation seaplane - modified civilian
                                                      DWC -later O-5

DP-2E(P2V-5)Neptune               Lockheed    1962    USN aerial target launcher - redes. P2V-5FD

DSN (QH-50)                       Gyrodyne    1959    anti-submarine drone, later QH-50

DT                                Douglas     1921    USN/USMC torpedo biplane

DT-28       Trojan                Nor. Am.    1950?   drone control T-28

DT-33       T-Bird                Lockheed    1948?   drone director T-33

DWC                               Douglas     1923    Douglas World Cruiser - later DOS
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