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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

C-1                               Curtiss     1911    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-1 in 1914

C-1                               Fokker      1921    trainer D-7

C-1         Milirole              Douglas     1926    Army's 1st cargo, personnel transport -
                                                      converted O-2

C-1 (TF)    Trader                Grumman     1962    USN carrier-based COD transport - redes. TF

C-2                               Curtiss     1911    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-2 in 1914

C-2                               Fokker      1926    transport civilian Fokker Trimotor

C-2         Greyhound             Grumman     1964    USN carrier-based COD transport - modified E-2

C-3                               Curtiss     1912    USN/USMC flying boat; redes. to AB-3 in 1914

C-3 (JR/RR)                       Ford        1928    transport C-3 - modified civilian Ford
                                                      Trimotor/Tin Goose

C-3 (RM)                          Martin      1962    USN transport - redes. RM

C-4                               Curtiss     1912    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-4 in 1914

C-4                               Ford        1929    modified C-3

C-4         Academe,              Gulfstream  1967    USN/USMC/USCG bombardier, navigational trainer
            Gulfstream I                              civilian Gulfstream I

C-5                               Curtiss     1911    USN flying boat; redes. to AB-5 in 1914

C-5                               Fokker      1930    reengined C-2

C-5         Galaxy, Fat Albert,   Lockheed    1966    heavy airlift transport
            The Pickle, Aluminum Overcast, FRED (Fantastic Ridiculous Economic Disaster),
            Linda Lovelace

C-6                               Sikorsky    1929    1st USAAC amphibian cargo transport

C-6         Ute, King Air         Beech       1977    Army transport T-44/U-21

C-7                               Fokker      1930    reengined C-2

C-7 (CV-2)  Caribou               D.H.C.      1967    Army STOL transport redes. from CV-2; most CV-2s
                                                      transferred from Army to USAF

C-8 (JQ)                          Fairchild   1930    cargo transport, photographic recon. (later F-1)

C-8 (CV-7)  Buffalo               D.H.C.      1967    Army STOL tactical transport; USAF exper.
                                                      Augmented Wing, ACLS civilian DHC-5; redes. from CV-7;
                                                      all CV-7s transferred to USAF

C-9                               Ford        1930    modified C-3

C-9A/C        Nightingale           Douglas     1968    USAF aeromedical airlift civilian DC-9

C-9B        Skytrain II           Douglas     1973    USN/USMC cargo/passenger transport civilian DC-9

C-10        Robin                 Curtiss     1929    transport civilian

C-10                              Hand. Page  1969    cargo transport, trainer civilian HP137

C-10        Extender              McDD        1980    air-refuelling tanker civilian DC-10 -
                                                      non-standard designation

C-11        Fleetster             Consolid.   1931    transport civilian Fleetster

C-11        Gulfstream II         Gulfstream  1978    USCG VIP transport civilian Gulfstream II

C-12        Vega                  Lockheed    1931    transport

C-12        Huron                 Beech       1974    USAF/USN/USMC/Army basic transport U-21 /civilian
                                                      Super King Air, Beech 1900 (C-12J), VIP
                                                      transport/redes. RU-21J (C-12L)

C-13                                                  designation unassigned in both original
                                                      USAAS and 1962 systems (superstition?)

C-14                              Fokker      1931    parasol wing cargo transport

C-14                              Boeing      1976    experimental USB aircraft - AMST contract

C-15        Ambulance             Fokker      1931    airborne ambulance C-14

C-15                              McDD        1975    AMST competitor of the C-14

C-16                              Fokker      1931    amphibian transport

C-16                                                  des. assigned to Cessa Caravan CE-208 - A/C never accepted
                                                      was to be for Army in FLIR missions in Central America

C-17        Vega, Speed Vega      Lockheed    1931    souped-up engine C-12

C-17        Globemaster III,      McDD        1991    USAF heavy airlift transport with winglets

C-18        Monomail              Boeing      1931    converted civilian Monomail transport

C-18A       ARIA, J-STARS         Boeing      1980    original designation EC-18B/C - civ. 707 variants; redes. E-7

C-19        Alpha                 Northrop    1931    transport

C-19                              Boeing      1988    emergency bulk freight transport civilian 747

C-20                              Fokker      1931    monoplane transport

C-20        Gulfstream III/IV     Gulfstream  1979    USAF/USN/Army VIP transport civilian Gulfstream
                                                      III, IV (C-20F) - DoD decided to provide
                                                      Army and Navy with VIP transports

C-21 (RD)       Dolphin               Douglas     1932    Army transport amphibian RD-1 - later OA-3

C-21                              Gates       1984    USAF/Army - modified civilian Learjet 35

C-22                              Consolid.   1931    reengined C-11

C-22                              Boeing      1983    executive transport civilian 727

C-23 (RO)   Altair                Lockheed    1932    transport

C-23        Sherpa                Shorts      1982    USAF/Army freighter transport civilian SD330 -
                                                      replacement for remaining Army C-7s

C-24        Yic8                 Fairchild   1932    monoplane transport

C-24                              Douglas     1989    civ. DC-8 (freighter) C3 threat simulator

C-25        Altair                Lockheed    1932    modified C-23 - wooden fuselage

C-25        Air Force One         Boeing      1988    presidential airlift aircraft - civilian
                                                      747-200  - based on E-4 design

C-26        Dolphin               Douglas     1933    reengined C-21

C-26                              Fairchild-  1988    utility civilian Metro III

C-27        Airbus                Bellanca    1932    transport - modified civilian airliner

C-27                              Fokker      1965    USN AUTEC utility transport civilian Fokker
                                                      F27 - non-standard designation

C-27        Spartan               Alenia      1988    STOL mission support transport - modified
                                  (Aeritalia/         G.222 - competitor CASA/Rockwell CN235
                                  Chrysler)/Lockheed Martin

C-28                              Sikorsky    1932    transport

C-28                              Cessna      1989    USN general transport civ. Cessna 404

C-29        Dolphin               Douglas     1933    modified/reengined C-26B

C-29        C-FIN                 BAe         1988    navigational transport civilian BAe 125-800

C-30 (R4C)  Condor                Curtiss     1933    biplane transport B-2 - counterpart USN R4C


C-31                              Krei.-Rei.  1934    monoplane freighter transport

C-31        Friendship            Fokker      1985    Army civ. Fokker F27 for Golden Knights
                                                      parachute team - confiscated by US gov't

C-32                              Douglas     1935    transport civilian DC-2-153

C-32                              Boeing      1996    VIP transport civilian 757

C-33                              Douglas     1936    transport civilian DC-2-145 with bigger tail and
                                                      cargo door - reengined

C-33                              Boeing      1995?   proposed 747 transport - cancelled

C-34                              Douglas     1936    VIP transport civilian DC-2-173/-346


C-35         Can't See 35         Lockheed    1936    exper. stratospheric research aircraft -
                                                      mod. civ. Electra; first
                                                      succesful pressurized cabin

C-35                              Cessna      1996    Army utility transport - civ. Citation V

C-36        Electra               Lockheed    1937    twin-fin cargo transport based on C-35


C-37 (R3O)  Electra               Lockheed    1937    modified C-36

C-37                              Gulfstream  1996    small passenger trans. to replace C-137 -
                                                      civ. Gulfstream V

C-38                              Douglas     1937    modified civilian DC-2 1/2 -wings of DC-2 and
                                                      fuselage of DC-3

C-38                              IAI/Galaxy  1997    USANG staff transport civ. 1125A Astra SPX

C-39                              Douglas     1938    reengined, stretched C-38


C-40        Electra               Lockheed    1938    transport civilian Model 12

C-40        Clipper               Boeing      1998    replacement C-9 aeromed. trans. - civ. 737-700

C-41                              Douglas     1939    reengined C-39

C-41                              CASA        200?    light multipurpose transport civilian C.212;
                                                      redes. from C.212 (non-standard designation)

C-42                              Douglas     1940    reengined C-39

C-43 (GB)   Traveler,Staggerwing  Beech       1939    transport civilian Beech 17 biplane

C-44                              BFW-Mess.   1939    Berlin Air Attache transport

C-45(JRB/   Expeditor,Bugsmasher  Beech       1939    USAAF/USAF/Army utility/transport civilian
    SNB)                                              Beech 18 - redes. from USN JRB/SNB 1962

C-46 (R5C)  Commando, Ol' Dumbo   Curtiss     1942    troop/cargo transport - production C-55

C-47 (R4D)  Skytrain, Dakota,     Douglas     1940    USAF/USN/Army transport civilian DC-3 - redes.
            Skytrooper, Gooney                        from USN R4D-5/6 to C-47H/J in 1962 -  many variants
            Bird, Dizzy Three,
	    Douglas Racer, Dowager Duchess, Goon, Grand Old Lady, Old Methuselah,
            Placid Plodder, The Three

C-48        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    impressed civilian DC-3

C-49        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    impressed civilian DC-3

C-50        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    impressed civilian DC-3

C-51        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    impressed civilian DC-3

C-52        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    impressed civilian DC-3

C-53        Skytrooper            Douglas     1941    dedicated troop transport - derivative C-47

C-54 (R5D)  Skymaster             Douglas     1938    USAF/Army strategic transport - redes. USN
                                                      from R5D in 1962 - later civilian DC-4

C-55        Commando              Curtiss     1940    transport - prototype C-46

C-56        Lodestar              Lockheed    1941    transport civilian Lodestar

C-57        Lodestar              Lockheed    1941    modified/reengined C-56

C-58        Bolo                  Douglas     1942    modified B-18A - transport

C-59        Lodestar              Lockheed    1942    export to UK - reengined C-57

C-60        Lodestar              Lockheed    1942    personnel carrier C-56

C-61(GK/J2K)Forwarder             Fairchild   1941    light cabinplane transport

C-62                              Waco        1941    monoplane transport

C-63        Hudson                Lockheed    1941    transport A-29

C-64 (JA)   Norseman              Noorduyn    1942    USAAF/Army Canadian Reverse Lend-Lease

C-65        Skycar                Stout       1942    converted commercial transport

C-66        Lodestar              Fairchild   1942    VIP transport - reengined C-56

C-67        Dragon                Douglas     1942    transport B-23

C-68                              Douglas     1942    impressed civilian DC-3

C-69 (R7O/  Constellation,        Lockheed    1943    VIP and regular transport - modified civilian
PO-1/WV-1)  Connie                                    L-49 Constellation

C-70        Nightingale           Howard      1942    impressed personal transport

C-71        Executive             Spartan     1942    impressed light VIP transport

C-72                              Waco        1942    various civ. biplanes impressed as staff/utility

C-73                              Boeing      1942    impressed civilian 247 airliner

C-74        Globemaster           Douglas     1945    long-range cargo/troop transport civilian DC-7

C-75        Stratoliner           Boeing      1942    VIP transport - impressed civilian 307

C-76        Caravan               Curtiss     1943    all-wood transport

C-77                              Cessna      1942    impressed civilian C-34

C-78 (JRC)  Bobcat,Bamboo Bomber, Cessna      1941    light transport AT-8/17
            Double-Breasted Cub, Rhapsody in Glue, Useless 78

C-79                              Junkers     1942    1 German twin engine Ju 52 procured

C-80                              Harlow      1942    impressed commercial transport

C-81 (R3Q)  Reliant               Stin.Vult.  1943    gull wing transport impressed from private
                                                      pilots - AT-19 exported as transport

C-82        Packet,               Fairchild   1944    twin-boom airlift transport
            Crowd Killer

C-83        Coupe                 Piper       1943    light utility transport L-4

C-84                              Douglas     1942    impressed civilian DC-3

C-85        Orion                 Lockheed    1942    impressed commercial transport

C-86(GK/J2K)Forwarder             Fairchild   1942    impressed/reengined C-61

C-87 (RY)   Liberator Express,    Cons. Vul.  1942    transport B-24
            Crowd Killer

C-88                              Fairchild   1942    impressed commercial transport

C-89                              Hamilton    1942    impressed commercial transport

C-90                              Luscombe    1942    impressed commercial transport

C-91                              Stinson     1942    impressed trimotor commercial transport

C-92                              Akron-Funk  1942    impressed commercial transport

C-93 (RB)   Conestoga             Budd        1942    all-steel transport RB

C-94                              Cessna      1942    impressed commercial transport

C-95        Grasshopper           Taylorcr.   1942    light transport - converted L-2

C-96                              Fairchild   1942    impressed light transport - modified C-8

C-97        Stratofreighter       Boeing      1944    logistic transport - modified B-29

C-98        Clipper               Boeing      1942    Army impressed amphibian transport civilian
(B-314)                                               Model 314 - USN des. B-314 non-standard

C-99                              Cons. Vul.  1947    large cargo trans. - 1 modified B-36 used to
                                                      ferry engines for B-36 fleet

C-100       Gamma                 Northrop    1942    impressed civilian Gamma airliner transport

C-101       Vega                  Lockheed    1942    impressed transport - modified C-12/17

C-102       Speedster             Rearwin     1942    impressed commercial transport

C-103                             Grumman     1942    impressed biplane transport

C-104                             Lockheed    1942    proposed transport

C-105                             Boeing      1943    transport-modified/redes. from B-15

C-106                             Cessna      1943    transport

C-107       Skycar                Stout       1943    impressed commercial transport - modified C-65

C-108       Flying Fortress       Boeing      1941    executive transport B-17

C-109       Liberator,            Cons. Vul.  1942    fuel transport B-24
            Flying Filling Station, Cee One-Oh-Boom

C-110 (R3D)                       Douglas     1944    transport civilian DC-5

C-111       Super Electra         Lockheed    1944    impressed airliner transport - similar to C-63

C-112       Liftmaster            Douglas     1946    prototype civilian DC-6/C-118 - modified C-54

C-113       Commando              Curtiss     1945    modified C-46G - 2 piston/2 turboprops

C-114       Skymaster             Douglas     1946    C-54 variant  - reengined

C-115       Skymaster             Douglas     1946    C-54 variant

C-116       Skymaster,            Douglas     1946    reengined/modified C-54 , redes. C-114
            Skymaster II

C-117(R4D-8)Super DC-3,           Douglas     1962    USN staff transport - modified civilian DC-3 -
            Skytrain II                               redes. from USN R4D-8 in 1962

C-118       Liftmaster            Douglas     1946    USAF/USN transport civilian DC-6 - redes. from
(R6D)                                                 USN R6D in 1962

C-119       Flying Boxcar,        Fairchild   1947    USN/USAF twin-boom tactical transport -
(R4Q)       Packet, Dollar Nineteen,                  modified C-82 - redes. from USN R4Q in 1962
            Crowd Killer

C-119H      Skyvan                Fairchild   1952    modified C-119 with larger wingspan

C-120       Packplane             Fairchild   1950    transport with detachable cargo pod -
                                                      development C-119

C-121       Constellation,Connie, Lockheed    1949    USAF long-range VIP/passenger transport, USN/USAF
(R7V/       Blue Eagle,                               electronic recon. - redes. from USN R7V/WV in 1962;
PO-2/WV-2)  Warning Star,                             Army missile tracker - mod. C-69/civilian L-749
            Humpback, Lockheed Flying Speedbrake, Swineicus Subsonicus

C-121C/G    Super Constellation   Lockheed    1951    modified C-121

C-122                             Fairchild   1951    prototype Fairchild C-123 - powered G-18

C-123       Avitruc               Chase       1949    prototype design Chase C-123 - powered [C]G-20

C-123A                            Chase       1950    jet Chase C-123 - 1st U.S. jet transport

C-123       Provider, The Mule    Fairchild   1954    USCG/USAF transport, night attack, flare dispenser -
            Train, Candlestick                        modified Chase C-123 Avitruc

C-123E      Provider              Stroukoff   1956    amphibian/all surface C-123 Provider

C-124       Globemaster II,       Douglas     1949    heavy transport - double-deck modified C-74
            Old Shakey, The Aluminum Cloud, Aluminum Overcast, The Flying Reynolds Wrap

C-125       Raider                Northrop    1949    STOL replacement for gliders

C-126                             Cessna      1949    light cargo transport, trainer evaluation
                                                      civilian Model 195 - later U-20

C-127                             Boeing      1952    twin-engined experimental transport

C-128                             Fairchild   1952    proposed C-119 variant with cargo pod

C-129       Dakota, Super Dakota  Douglas     1951    rocket-assisted C-47F

C-130(GV/   Hercules, Herky       Lockheed    1954    USAF/USN/USMC/USCG multirole airlift transport -
R8V/UV)     Bird, Herk, Hog, Bleed-Air Blimp          redes. from USN R8V/UV (SC-130/C-130F)
                                                      and USMC GV (KC-130F) in 1962

C-130H-30   Super Hercules        Lockheed    1980?   long-range transport - stretched fuselage

C-131       Samaritan,            Convair     1955    USN/USAF transport civilian Convair 440/T-29 -
(R4Y)       Thunder Chicken                           redes. from USN R4Y in 1962

C-132                             Douglas     1953    4-engine proposed transport

C-133       Cargomaster,          Douglas     1956    heavy logistic freighter - much-modified C-124
            Globemaster II, Weenie Wagon

C-134       Pantobase             Stroukoff   1958    assault transport

C-135       Stratolifter,         Boeing      1961    multirole transport derivatives of the KC-135
            GLOB (Ground Loving Old Bastard), Silver Sow

C-136                             Fairchild?  ?       designation reserved for USN; cancelled
                                                      proposed development of C-123??

C-137       Otter                 De Havil.   1955    interim designation for Army evaluation of
                                                      civilian DHC-3 Otter - later U-1

C-137       Stratoliner           Boeing      1959    VIP/multirole transport civilian 707

C-138                             Fairchild?          designation reserved for USN, cancelled
                                                      possibly planned for civilian Fairchild F-27

C-139      Neptune               Lockheed    1954    des. reserved for USN SAR P2V-7 - cancelled

C-140 (UV)  JetStar               Lockheed    1961    USN/USAF utility/VIP airlift support - redes.
                                                      from USN UV in 1962

C-141       Starlifter,           Lockheed    1963    strategic airlift, aeronautical transport
            StarLizard, T-Tailed Mountain Magnet

C-142                             Chance Vo.  1964    tri-service experimental tiltwing STOVL
C-143                             Curtiss     1962    planned for Curtiss Model 200 VTOL; redes. to X-19													  

C-880                             Convair     1980    USN civilian Convair 880 tanker, utility -
                                                      non-standard des.													  

CASA 212-200                      CASA        1987    special operations transport civilian CASA 212;
                                                      non-standard designation retains civilian designation

CB-17       Flying Fortress       Boeing      1940?   utility transport B-17

CB-24       Liberator             Con.Vul.    1940?   high visibility lead ship B-24

CB-25       Mitchell              North Amer. 1945    stripped fast transport B-25

CB-26       Invader               Douglas     1944    transport B-26

CB-29K      Superfortress         Boeing      1943?   cargo transport-converted B-29K

CF                                Curtiss     1922    USN "paper" designation of CR - racers officially
                                                      classified as fighters

CG-1                              Frankfort   1942    proposed cargo glider

CG-2                              Frankfort   1942    proposed cargo glider

CG-3                              Waco        1942    troop carrying/training glider

CG-4 (LRW)  Haig                  Waco        1941    assault/troop carrying glider

CG-5                              St. Louis   1941    modified CG-3 - glider trainer

CG-6                              St. Louis   1941    proposed cargo glider

CG-7                              Bowlus      1941    modified CG-3

CG-8                              Bowlus      1941    modified CG-4

CG-9                              AGA Avia.   1944    proposed cargo glider

CG-10                             Lai.-Kauf.  1945    cargo glider

CG-11                             Snead       1945    proposed cargo glider

CG-12                             Read-York   1944    proposed modified CG-11

CG-13                             Chase       1943    largest Amer. glider in WWII - assualt -
                                                      based on CG-4

CG-14                             Chase       1944    all-wood glider

CG-15       Hadrian               Chase       1945    cargo/troop glider - modified CG-4

CG-16                             Gen. Airb.  1944    twin-boom flying wing cargo glider

CG-17       Dakota, Skytrain      Douglas     1944    transport glider C-47

CG-18                             Chase       1946    all-metal modified CG-14

CG-19                             Douglas     1945    proposed light assault cargo glider

CG-20                             Chase       1946    cargo glider, later C-123

CH-1                              Boeing V.   1959    Army evaluation civilian Model 107 - later

CH-3        Sea King              Sikorsky    1963    USAF version of civilian S-61 (USN HSS-2) -
                                                      transport helicopter

CH-19       Chickasaw             Sikorsky    1955    Army transport H-19 - CH-19E redes. from
(HRS)                                                 USN/USMC HRS in 1962

CH-21       Shawnee, Work Horse   Piasecki    1962    transport H-21

CH-34       Choctaw               Sikorsky    1962    Army assault transport H-34 - all H-34's in
                                                      service in 1962 redesignated to CH-34

CH-37       Mojave, Deuce         Sikorsky    1962    Army heavy transport H-37 - CH-37C redes. from
(HR2S)                                                USN/USMC HR2S in 1962

CH-46       Sea Knight, Frog,     Boeing V.   1962    USMC/Army transport H-46 - redes. from USMC
(HRB/       Boeing Body Bag, Boeing Mix Master        HRB/Army HC-1 in 1962

CH-47       Chinook, Shithook,    Boeing V.   1961    medium transport H-47

CH-53       Sea Stallion          Sikorsky    1964    USN/USMC carrier-based assault transport
                                                      helicopter H-53

CH-53E      Super Stallion,       Sikorsky    1974    USN/USMC carrier-based heavy-lift utility
            Super Shitter                             helicopter - modified CH-53D, civilian
                                                      S-80 (modified S-65)

CH-54       Tarhe, Sky Crane      Sikorsky    1962    Army heavy crane H-54

CH-62                             Boeing      1970    heavy lift helicopter H-62 - HLH program

CO-1                              Eng. Div.   1922    corps observation

CO-2                              Eng. Div.   1922    corps observation

CO-3                              Eng. Div.   1923    prototype of modified CO-1

CO-4                              Fokker      1924    corps observation

CO-5                              Eng. Div.   1923    corps observation - redes. TP-1

CO-6                              Eng. Div.   1924    corps observation

CO-7                              Boeing      1924    corps observation - development DH-4

CO-8                              Atlantic    1924    corps observation - development DH-4

COA-1                             Loening     1924    corps observation - Amphibian

!CQ-1                              Fletcher    1941    target control ship - mod. civilian FBT-2 
!CQ designation in system?

CR (R-6)                          Curtiss     1921    USN biplane racer - officially known as CF

CS-2                              Dornier     1922    6-place all-metal flying boat research

CS                                Curtiss     1923    USN biplane scout, torpedo bomber

CT                                Curtiss     1922    USN Curtiss Torpedo flying boat with
                                                      cantilever wooden wing

T-1         Jayhawk               Beech       199?    Army - mod. T-1 for troop/cargo transport

CT-29                             Convair     1950?   transport T-29

CT-39       Sabreliner            Rockwell    1962    USMC transport, tactical support, Wild Weasel
                                                      mod. trainer T-39

CT-43       Gator                 Boeing      199?    USAF - mod. T-43 for passenger/cargo trans.

CV-2        Caribou               D.H.C.      1960    Army STOL utility transport V-2; redes. from AC-1;
                                                      transferred to USAF/redes. to C-7 in 1967

CV-7        Buffalo               D.H.C.      1965    Army STOL tactical transport V-7; redes. from
                                                      AC-2 during construction; transferred to USAF/redes. to C-8 in 1967

CV-22       Osprey                Bell/Boe.   1989    proposed USAF Special Operations V-22
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