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U.S. Military Aircraft Designations

Designation, Image/Footnote Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

picture/more info BD (A-20) Havoc Douglas 1939 USN/USMC A-20
B2D Destroyer II North American 1945 USN radar countermeasures BT2D
picture/more info BG Bee Gee Great Lakes 1933 USN/USMC carrier-based biplane bomber; competitor B2Y
picture/more info B2G Great Lakes 1935 USN/USMC improved BG
picture/more info BM Martin 1931 USN biplane dive bomber; production T5M
BN Naval Aviation Factory cancelled USN bomber
picture/more info
BT Northrop 1936 USN carrier-based dive bomber; parallel development of FT; BT-2 developed into SBD
picture/more info B2T (B-35) Flying Wing Northrop 1940 USN B-35
picture/more info BY Fleetster Consolidated 1932 USN bomber - civilian 17 Fleetster
picture/more info B2Y Consolidated 1935 USN carrier-based attack; reengined BY; competitor BG
B-1 Wright 1911 USN land/hydroplane; redes. to AH-4 in 1914
picture/more info B-1 Super Cyclops Huff-Daland 1926 bomber; development of HB-1
picture/more info B-1 Lancer, Bone, Centurian, The Jet, Lawn Dart Rockwell 1974 strategic jet swing-wing bomber, subsonic low-level penetrator
B-2 Wright 1911 USN land/hydroplane; redes. to AH-5 in 1914
picture/more info B-2 Condor Curtiss 1927 biplane bomber
picture/more info B-2 Spirit, Stealth Bomber, Batmobile, Boomerang, Budget Bomber Northrop 1989 flying wing strategic jet bomber
B-3 Wright 1912 USN land/hydroplane; redes. to AH-6 in 1914
picture/more info B-3 Panther Keystone 1930 bomber; redes. from LB-10
picture/more info B-3 N/A 1998? light bomber concept with LO (Low-Observable) technology, medium-long range, high payload
picture/more info B-4 Panther Keystone 1930 bomber; redes. from LB-13
picture/more info B-5 Panther Keystone 1932 bomber; redes. from LB-14
picture/more info B-6 Panther Keystone 1931 bomber; redes. from LB-13, B-3A
picture/more info B-7 Douglas 1931 monoplane bomber development of O-36
picture/more info B-8 Fokker 1929 bomber O-27
picture/more info B-9 Boeing 1931 bomber; converted civilian Monomail
picture/more info B-10 Martin Bomber Martin 1934 medium bomber
picture/more info B-11 (P3D) Douglas 1932 recon., rescue amphibian; based on P3D; redes. to O-44 before construction completed in 1932, then to OA-5 in 1935 upon acceptance
picture/more info B-12 Martin Bomber Martin 1934 medium bomber; development B-10
picture/more info B-13 Martin Bomber Martin 1934 planned reengined B-12
picture/more info B-14 Martin Bomber Martin 1934 medium bomber; development B-12
picture/more info B-15 Boeing 1937 long-range bomber; redes. from BLR-1; converted/redes. to C-105 in 1943
picture/more info B-16 Martin 1935 six-engine bomber design (4 conventional, 2 pusher); never built
picture/more info B-17 (PB) Flying Fortress, Fortress, Fort, Big Ass Bird, The Queen, Flying Coffin Boeing 1937 high altitude strategic heavy bomber
picture/more info B-18 Bolo Douglas 1937 heavy bomber - converted civilian DC-2
picture/more info B-19 Douglas Flying Behemoth Douglas 1937 long-range bomber; redes. from BLR-2
picture/more info B-20 Boeing 1938 4-engine bomber; development of B-15; never built
picture/more info B-21 North American 1937 bomber
picture/more info B-22 Douglas 1938 proposed reengined B-18A
picture/more info B-23 Dragon Douglas 1939 reengined, modified B-22; some redes./converted to UC-67
picture/more info B-24 (PB4Y-1) Liberator, Lib, B Dash Crash Consolidated Vultee 1939 twin-tailed long-range strategic bomber
picture/more info B-25 (PBJ) Mitchell, Billy's Bomber, The Sweetheart of the Services North American 1940 medium bomber
picture/more info
B-26 (JM) Marauder, Widow Maker, Flying Prostitute, Baltimore Whore, A Plane a Day in Tampa Bay Martin 1940 medium bomber
picture/more info
B-26 (A-26/JD) Invader, L'il Hummer, L'il Racer Douglas 1948 attack bomber; redes. from A-26 in 1948; also redes. from USN JD in 1962
picture/more info B-26K Counter Invader Douglas 1963 COIN B-26 (A-26)
picture/more info B-27 Marauder Martin 1941 proposed high-altitude B-26
picture/more info B-28 Mitchell North American 1941 high-altitude B-25
picture/more info B-29 (P2B) Superfortress Boeing 1943 high-altitude heavy bomber
picture/more info B-30 Lockheed 1940 proposed 4-engine bomber; competitor B-29
picture/more info B-31 Douglas 1941 proposed bomber-converted civilian DC-4; competitor B-29
picture/more info B-32 Terminator Consolidated 1940 twin-tailed prototype of B-32 Dominator ordered in case B-29 failed; single-tailed modified version eventually went into production
picture/more info B-33 Super Marauder Martin 1941 proposed high-altitude bomber B-26 modified with 4 engines
picture/more info B-34 (PV) Lexington, Harpoon, Ventura Lockheed 1942 bomber, reconaissance
picture/more info B-35 (B2T) Flying Wing Northrop 1940 experimental flying wing bomber
picture/more info B-36 Peacemaker, Aluminum Overcast, Big Stick, Magnesium Overcast Convair 1946 6-engine pusher-prop. heavy bomber, weapons platform, reconnaissance
picture/more info B-36J Featherweight Convair 1954 high altitude configuration B-36
picture/more info B-37 (PV) Lexington Lockheed 1943 armed recon. development B-34; redes. from O-56 to RB-34B, then to B-37
picture/more info B-38 Flying Fortress Boeing-Lockheed Vega 1942 bomber; reengined (liquid-cooled) B-17E
picture/more info B-39 Superfortress Boeing 1943 reengined B-29
picture/more info B-40 Flying Fortress Boeing-Lockheed Vega 1943 escort-modified B-17F
picture/more info B-41 Liberator Consolidated 1942 escort-converted B-24D
picture/more info B-42 Mixmaster Douglas 1948 experimental contrarotating pusher-propellors bomber; redes. from A-42
picture/more info B-43 Jetmaster Douglas 1947 1st American jet bomber; modified B-42
picture/more info B-44 Superfortress Boeing 1945 reengined/modified B-29; production versions initially des. B-29D, then B-50A in 1947
picture/more info B-45 Tornado North American 1947 1st American production jet bomber; tactical bomber, photographic recon., ELINT; competitor of B-47
picture/more info B-46 Consolidated 1947 4-jet experimental bomber; competitor B-47
picture/more info B-47 Stratojet Boeing 1947 USAF jet medium bomber, EW trainer, air-refuelling tanker; USN EW trainer
picture/more info B-48 Martin 1947 experimental 6-jet bomber; competitor B-47
picture/more info B-49 Flying Win Northrop 1947 experimental jet flying wing - modified B-35
picture/more info B-50 Superfortress Boeing 1947 strategic bomber; redes. from/production B-44/B-29D
picture/more info B-51 Panther Martin 1948 trijet (2 pod-mounted under nose, one aft under tail) low-level attack bomber with variable-incidence wings; redes. from A-45
picture/more info B-52 Stratofortress, BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fucker/Feller), Old Buff, Monkeyknocker, Coconutknocker, Cadillac (B-52H) Boeing 1952 8-jet heavy bomber and missile platform
picture/more info B-53 Convair 1948 cancelled trijet forward-swept wing bomber; redes. from A-44
picture/more info B-54 Superfortress Boeing 1948 proposed reengined, modified B-50C
picture/more info B-55 Startojet Boeing 1949 experimental 4 turboprop B-47
picture/more info B-56 Stratojet Boeing 1950 proposed reengined B-47B; originally designated B-47C, then redes. to B-56 in 1952
picture/more info B-57 Canberra, Intruder, Cranberry Martin/General Dynamics 1953 jet tactical attack, recon.; modified British Canberra mfd. by English Electric
picture/more info B-57B Night Intruder Martin/General Dynamics 1955 infrared sensor-modified B-57
picture/more info B-58 Hustler, Delta Queen, Boomerang Consolidated Vultee 1956 delta wing jet bomber; 1st Mach 2+ bomber
picture/more info B-59 Boeing 1951 proposed Mach 2 jet medium bomber; competitor B-58
picture/more info B-60 Peacemaker Convair 1952 swept-wing jet B-36
picture/more info B-61 Matador Martin 1951 original designation Matador tactical cruise missile; redes. to TM-61
picture/more info B-62 Snark Northrop 1951 original designation Snark strategic supersonic cruise missile; redes. to SM-62
picture/more info B-63 Rascal Boeing 1951 original designation Rascal AGM; redes. to GAM-63
picture/more info B-64 Navaho North American 1951 original designation Navaho strategic supersonic missile; redes. to SM-64
picture/more info B-65 Atlas Convair 1951 1st American ICBM; original designation Atlas ICBM; redes. to SM-65
picture/more info B-66 Destroyer, Sooie Douglas 1953 tactical attack bomber, recon. A-3 (A3D)
picture/more info B-67 Crossbow Radioplane 1951 original designation Crossbow decoy missile; redes. to GAM-67
picture/more info B-68 Martin 1956 proposed supersonic tactical bomber; program cancelled and designation reassigned to B-68 Titan (see next entry)
picture/more info B-68 Titan I/II Martin 1956 designation reassigned from cancelled Martin B-68 bomber project (see entry above); original designation Titan ICBMs; Titan I redes. to SM-68, then HGM-25A; Titan II redes. to LGM-25C
picture/more info B-69 (P2V) Neptune Lockheed 1954 USAF electronic recon. bomber P2V-7U; later returned to USN and redes. to SP-2H
picture/more info B-70 Valkyrie North American 1964 experimental jet delta-wing supersonic bomber
picture/more info B-71 Blackbird, Habu Lockheed 1964 designation reserved for bomber variant of F-12 (SR-71); not used
picture/more info B-72 Quail McDonnell 1956 original designation Quail decoy; redes. to GAM-72
picture/more info B-73 Bull Goose Fairchild 1956 original designation Bull Goose decoy SSM; redes. to SM-73
picture/more info B-75 Thor Douglas 1956 original designation Thor IRBM; redes. to SM-75
picture/more info B-76 Mace Martin 1956 original designation Mace SSM; redes. to TM-76
picture/more info B-77 Hound Dog North American 1956 original designation Hound Dog ASM; redes. to GAM-77
picture/more info B-78 Jupiter Chrysler 1956 original designation Jupiter IRBM; redes. to SM-78
B-79 White Lance ? ? redes. to SM-79?
picture/more info B-80 Minuteman Boeing 1956 original designation Minuteman SSM; redes. to SM-80
picture/more info B-83 Bullpup Martin 1956 original designation Bullpup ASM; redes. to GAM-83
picture/more info B-87 Skybolt Douglas 1956 original designation Skybolt ASM; redes. to GAM-87
picture/more info B-314 (C-98) Clipper Boeing 1942 USN impressed amphibian transport civilian Model 314; non-standard des.; counterpart Army C-98
BC-1 (SNJ-1/2) North American 1938 basic combat trainer; modified BT-9; redes. to AT-6 in 1940, T-6 in 1948
BC-2 North American 1938 modified BC-1
BC-3 Vibrator, Valiant Vultee 1939 basic combat trainer - all-metal BT-13
BFB Boeing 1934 bomber-fighter; redes. from F6B
picture/more info BFC Goshawk Curtiss 1934 bomber-fighter; redes. from F11C-1/2
BF2C Goshawk Curtiss 1934 redes. from F11C-3
picture/more info footnote21 BF-111 Aardvark General Dynamics 1967 strategic attack F-111; correct designation of FB-111
BG-1 Fletcher 1943 bomber glider - mod. civilian FBT-2
BG-2 Fletcher 1942 proposed bomber glider
BG-3 Cornelius 1942 proposed bomber glider
picture/more info BLR-1 Boeing 1934 bomber, long-range; redes. to B-15 in 1937
picture/more info BLR-2 Douglas Flying Behemoth Douglas 1934 bomber, long-range; redes. to B-19 in 1937
BLR-3 Sikorsky 1935 proposed bomber, long-range
BQ-1 Fleetwings 1942 twin engine guided missile
BQ-2 Fleetwings 1942 reengined BQ-1
BQ-3 Fairchild 1943 4000-lb. guided bomb; modified AT-21
BQ-4 (TDR) Interstate 1943 twin-engine controllable bomb
BQ-5 Interstate 1943 modified BQ-4
BQ-6 (TD3R) Interstate 1943 television-equipped controllable bomb
BQ-7 Flying Fortress Boeing 1943 radio-controlled converted B-17; to be used against V-1 concrete launch sites
BQ-8 Liberator Consolidated 1943 missile; converted B-24
BTC Curtiss 1946 USN torpedo bomber
BT2C Curtiss 1946 modified BTC
picture/more info BTD Destroyer Douglas 1944 torpedo bomber; modified SB2D
picture/more info BT2D Skyraider, Destroyer II, Dauntless II Douglas 1945 USN torpedo bomber; redes. to AD in 1946
BTK Kaiser-Fleetwings 1945 USN torpedo bomber
picture/more info BTM Mauler Martin 1944 USN torpedo bomber; prototype/redes. to AM in 1946
BT Douglas 1935 USN torpedo bomber
picture/more info BT-1 Milirole Douglas 1930 basic trainer; converted from O-2K
picture/more info BT-2 Douglas 1931 basic trainer; converted O-32
BT-3 Cloudboy Stearman 1931 basic trainer PT-9
BT-4 Falcon Curtiss 1938 basic trainer; converted O-1
BT-5 Cloudboy Stearman 1931 modified BT-3
BT-6 Consolidated 1932 basic trainer; converted PT-11
BT-7 Consolidated 1932 basic trainer; converted PT-12
BT-8 Seversky 1934 basic trainer
picture/more info BT-9 (NJ) North American 1935 trainer; forerunner to AT-6
BT-10 North American 1938 modified BT-9
BT-11 Airresearch 1938 plastic/plywood monoplane trainer
picture/more info BT-12 Sophomore Fleetwings 1938 basic trainer
picture/more info BT-13 (SNV) Vibrator, Valiant, Bee Tee Vultee 1940 basic trainer
picture/more info BT-14 Yale North American 1941 modified BT-9
BT-15 (SNV) Vibrator, Valiant Vultee 1940 reengined BT-13
BT-16 Valiant Viddell-Vultee 1942 modified BT-13; plastic fuselage
picture/more info BT-17 Boeing 1942 basic trainer
picture/more info BT-28 Trojan North American 1947 USAF/USMC basic trainer
BT-30 Douglas 1947 competitor BT-28
BVL-12 Pomilio 1919 Army day bomber
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