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This page is dedicated to the memory of Phil Hartman, 1948-1998

The Simpsons has to be one of my favorite TV shows. To date, I have every episode on tape. I admit to missing the first season or so initially, but made up for lost time with a vengeance... ;-)

Anyway, click here to get a list and plot summary of all of the episodes up to last season.

Click here to view the air dates of all the episodes up to last week.

In the future, I'll try and post some of my favorite sound clips and pictures here; I have enough of them... :-)

A Salvador Daliesque depiction of the Simpsons Great parody of Star Wars Episode I

The Yellow Album cover

Below are some of the many sites where you can find more information about Our Favorite Family...

Let Fox know how you feel!
Unfortunately, many of the best fan sites (and not just those about the Simpsons), especially those with sound and video clips, have been shut down at the request of the Fox Network. Click on the graphic above to learn more about this illogical and unjust attitude, and to find out what you can do to prevent this kind of censorship. I'd rant more, but you'd do better to read what they have to say rather than listen to me go off the handle :-) ... Anyway, try and enjoy the sites that aren't closed down!


HomerThe Simpsons Archive
tons of Simpsons info here - great site!
MargeGuide to Springfield
BartDaily Radar Simpsons Week
LisaThe Simpsons Tree
MaggieThe Ultimate Simpsons Page
Snowball IIThe Simpsons Folder
Santa's Little HelperPhils Simpsons Page!!!
Mr. BurnsThe Simpsons Sourcebook :: Home
ItchyRalph Wiggum Lives Here
a site dedicated to our favorite paste-eater
ScratchyProfessor Frink: The Definitive Frink
the colors, children! :-D
Ms. Edna KrabappelMcBain: Let's Get Silly
site dedicated to the film and TV roles of Rainier Wolfcastle :-)
Dr. Julius HibbertTickBoy's Simpsons Sounds
large amount of sounds here, of Homer in particular
Dr. Marvin MonroeThe Simpsons House: Home
cool virtual tour of the replica of the Simpsons' house built as a contest giveaway!
Blinky100% Simpsons: Bobby's Homepage
Reverend LovejoyThe Simpsons
nice site with episode capsules
Kent BrockmanSimpsons sounds
nice sounds here
Ms. HooverMaverick's Simpsons Page
another great Simpsons site
Apu NahasapeemapetilanThe Simpsons Connection
lots of cool stuff here
Moe Sczyslak Yahoo! Search Results
listing of Simpsons sites on Yahoo
LennySimpsons sounds
nice sounds here
Waylon SmithersHomer's Best Utterances (in .WAV format)
OttoThe Simpsons Pub Homepage
seems down for now...
BeelzebubThe Official Simpsons Page
pretty nice page by Fox with some cool animations. I just wonder why they feel like they need to have the monopoly on Simpsons pages...

a great place to find books and more online! one of the best online sources to purchase art

Get your movie posters and art here! great source for hard-to-find music

Fight fight fight, fight fight fight! Our Favorite Family

It‘s gone... :-(
I think it's been repainted or recommissioned :-(

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