New “Terminator” Trilogy Planned

Dark Horizons reports that:

After much talk and posturing over the future of The Terminator franchise in recent years, something surprising has happened – producers Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna have given up their baby.

The Halcyon Co. has acquired the franchise rights to the popular The Terminator movie series and intend to make a new trilogy that would anchor their movie company.

I don’t know about this…


Lloyd Alexander Dead At 83

Fantasy and adventure writer Lloyd Alexander died at the age of 83 several weeks ago from cancer. Although he was best known for his series of books The Chronicles of Prydain (from which the Disney movie The Black Cauldron was adapted), his other works were much-acclaimed as well. has a nice obituary, and the comments at the MetaFilter thread are nice. I may need to go back and reread his stuff, as I don’t think I have for nigh on 20 years…