Music Searches

I recently came across several interesting music search sites and figured I’d lump them together into one post.

Google has now started offering targeted results when search parameters look like musical groups, songs, or lyrics. There is also a specific Google Music Search site that is pretty decent. It pales in comparison to authoritative sites like All-Music Guide, but for now at least, it’s not trying to compete in that arena. 😉

musicmap also drives you to music commerce sites via a pretty neat Flash map-like interface. It too isn’t as complete as it could be, but the eye candy almost makes up for it.

Finally, offers a refreshingly sparse interface for lyrics searches that builds on the Google Suggest code. The site is a marked contrast to the often ad-ridden, pop-up laden lyrics search sites out there. I exclude my lyrics page from that characterization, of course ;-), and there are a good amount of links to other lyrics sites and search engines on that page as well, most of which avoid that route too.

I hope you find those sites useful. I have a feeling that I’ll be updating this post as I think of sites that I overlooked…

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