Spider-Man 2 Advertising At Baseball Parks

Spider-Man 2 BaseESPN reports that “As part of a marketing alliance between Major League Baseball Properties, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, webbed logos of the upcoming film Spider-Man 2 will appear on bases and on-deck circles in 15 stadiums of teams playing host to interleague games June 11-13.” Considering the steady infusion of advertising into all professional sports via stadium naming, virtual insertion of ads during broadcasts, and product placement galore, to name but a few things, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this. However, it still annoys me that they’d start fooling with the actual bases on the diamond. I guess I should be glad that one of Columbia Pictures’ other ideas was nixed: “Columbia Pictures originally wanted to put Spider-Man 2 webbing on the netting behind home plate, but the request was turned down for fear it would distract players.” You think?


If you like the game Boggle, check out WEBoggle, which lets you compete against others online. Very addictive…

2004 Season Finales

Besides the finale of Friends that will be the show to watch this Thursday, there are plenty of other season finales that have occurred and that are still coming up. Zap2it nicely summarizes all of them in its page 2004 Season Finales.

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 Released

Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird 0.6 was released yesterday. For those of you that have somehow managed to avoid my regular paeans to Mozilla products, Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source e-mail and newsgroup application from the makers of the Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Besides the cool new artwork, there are several improvements in this version, including a more user-friendly installer and better junk mail/Spam filters. I can’t stand M$ Outlook, so for the longest time I used Eudora as my e-mail application of choice. However, after trying out Thunderbird a couple of months ago, I’ve now fully switched over to it and haven’t looked back. Give it a try…

The Arrogance Of W

This is somewhat older news, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet.

How would you feel if someone grabbed your shirt and cleaned his/her glasses on it? That’s just what W did during a taping of The Late Show With David Letterman back in 2000; here’s the video. W never ceases to amaze me with his arrogance and idiocy…

“Frantic,” Not “Tantric”

Sting’s rumored sexual prowess with his wife, Trudie Styler, is apparently the result of a misconception that he never bothered to correct. News.com.au reports that during a “drunken bout out” with Bob Geldof some time ago, Geldof and Sting “were chatting and talking about having hours of sex. It then became really a joke that went around the world like a forest fire.” In an interview with BBC last week, Sting finally attempted to set the record straight, saying “I haven’t a clue” what tantrix sex is, instead admitting “I have frantic sex, which is just as good as tantric sex.” For some reason, I’m a little disappointed to hear this, although I will say that I always wondered about the veracity of these claims…


I’m not a big fan of Johnny Cash’s cover of the Eagles’ Desperado. However, you should definitely take a look at this Shockwave video for Desperado starring an animated chimpanzee. That’s right, a chimpanzee.

Pac Manhattan

Just when I thought I’d seen everything… Pac Manhattan is:

a large-scale urban game that utilizes the New York City grid to recreate the 1980’s video game sensation Pac-Man. This analog version of Pac-man is being developed in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications graduate program, in order to explore what happens when games are removed from their “little world” of tabletops, televisions and computers and placed in the larger “real world” of street corners, and cities.

A player dressed as Pac-man will run around the Washington square park area of Manhattan while attempting to collect all of the virtual “dots” that run the length of the streets. Four players dressed as the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde will attempt to catch Pac-man before all of the dots are collected.

Using cell-phone contact, Wi-Fi internet connections, and custom software designed by the Pac-Manhattan team, Pac-man and the ghosts will be tracked from a central location and their progress will be broadcast over the internet for viewers from around the world.

I guess I can no longer say that the Pac-Man Cartoon was the worst spinoff of the video game