Someone Really Likes Commercials…

Black Table often culls Craiglist for material to make fun of, and I happened upon a particularly scary entry in this recent edition:

For the past 20 years I have recorded EVERY television commercial on CBS, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From Sony to Salad Shooter from Pontiac to Prego, I’ve captured them all!

Each day at midnight I let a tape record for 6 hours, insert a new tape for recording, and repeat twice more. After that, on my other VCR’s I edit out all the shows, which yields roughly 6 hours and 24 minutes of commercials daily. I now have 46,720 hours of commercials stored on 7,787 VHS tapes.

But I have grown old and weary and would like to leave this legacy of tapes to someone with an equal passion for television commercials who wants to continue the work. Please write to me and let me know why my collection would mean the world to you. Be very specific! The person who shows me the greatest interest will carry on the project.



I should have prefaced this post with the fact that I have every episode of The Simpsons on tape since it started 15 years ago, although I only had the time to edit out the commercials for the first couple of seasons or so :-p. Still, I am now secure in the knowledge that I am not even close to being as obsessed as “Paul,” although it would obviously be an immense undertaking to top the idée fixe that is his “work.”

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