Dick Cheney Holds W’s Hand In Front Of 9/11 Commisison

As most of you probably know, W and Dick Cheney are holding a private session with the 9/11 Commission in the Oval Office today. Neither of them are under oath, and W has drawn fire for not appearing before the commission alone, as everyone else has. No stenographers are to be present and the session is not being recorded, although officials present are allowed to take notes. However, White House Chief counsel Alberto Gonzales said, “information will make … its way into the [9/11 Commision] report in some fashion or another, I suspect.” In fact, it appears that someone has already leaked a transcript. OK, fine, so it’s a satirical transcript. It still brings up many important points that I’m sure will not be addressed in any substantive way by W or Cheney. What a charade…

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