U.S.S. Enterprise “Wind Tunnel” Test

Enterprise laser testYes, you read that right, although possibly not in the way you think. The University of Queensland Laser Diagnostics Department has undertaken the highly scientific endeavour of “wind tunnel” testing the NCC-1701D U.S.S. Enterprise from the newest incarnation of Star Trek, Enterprise, in its super-orbital expansion tube to a simulated speed of Mach 5. For the inevitable orgiastic frenzy of geek/Trekkie comments, nitpicks, and delusional discourses, you must check out the Slashdot forum on this story.

I should point out that the tests are not made in a conventional wind tunnel, but instead employ “laser-based measurement techniques to a range

of high temperature and/or high velocity environments.” Also, I’d like to think that any criticisms I might have are based purely on my experience as an aerospace engineer, which I suppose makes me only marginally less geeky than the rest of them… :-p

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