Barbra Streisand vs. California Coastal Records Project

Barbra Streisand estateLast year I made a post about the California Coastal Records Project, a very cool effort that aims to document the entire California coastline with pictures taken from a helicopter in order to provide data on erosion and other environmental concerns.

Well, apparently Barbra Streisand only supports the First Amendment when it suits her, as she has sued the Project because her home happens to be in one of the pictures. Read the official press release, one of these other news releases, or The Smoking Gun for more information. I for one think that this is unconscionable. Her argument that people can find her house from these photos is completely baseless; her address is a matter of public record, and the photo doesn’t reveal anything more than what it looks like. What bullshit; her lawsuit will draw more attention to her home’s location than the website ever did…

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