Camouflage Bible

Have you ever been stalking a deer, only to have it suddenly spooked by the blinding glare of a page from the Book Of Deuteronomy? Well, worry no more, as a camouflage Bible geared to outdoorsmen is in the works at Thomas Nelson Publishers. Now you can be at peace with God and kill His creatures at the same time!

Shaq Sucks

I’ve said that for a while now, but last night’s game was yet another strike against him. Last night’s Lakers 108-104 loss to the Rockets in overtime was primarily due to a flagrant foul called on Shaq. And what was Shaq’s contrite response? “A whole bunch of people who paid a lot of money had to see a game that was decided by someone who doesn’t make a lot of money. That’s unfortunate.” I guess to him it’s always been all about the Benjaminz, cuz he ain’t got no skillz…

The RIAA wants you!

Do you trade music through filesharing online? If so the RIAA now has a new legal precedent to bring charges against you. As another sign that 1984 is approaching, a judge in Washington has ruled that Verizon Internet must divulge the account name of a subscriber who used their backbone to download songs using Kazaa. The RIAA and the Republican controlled government are teaming up to put an end to the notions of public domain and fair use. The recent decisions in the Supreme Court and this right-field interpretation on the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act put control of innovation, adaptation, and individual rights squarely in the hands of a few needy… I mean greedy corporations.