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Aviation History and Information

U.S. Military Aviation Designations and Serial Numbers

U.S. Military Aircraft Designations 1911-2001
I researched and wrote this! A list of all U.S. military aircraft that received designations, with a separate document explaining all 5 armed forces' designation schemes past and present. Images are linked to many of the aircraft in the list.
USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Serial Numbers--1922 to Present
very thorough listing of serial numbers assigned
US Navy and US Marine Corps Aircraft Serial Numbers--1917 to Present
complete listing of Navy serials assigned
US Military Aircraft Type Designations
a condensed list of aircraft designations; nice format, though
US Military Aircraft Nicknames
nice list of nicknames for US military aircraft, with some interesting explanations...
US Military Aviation Designation Systems
Excellent page covering all non-aircraft related designations
Yahoo! Groups : Military_Aircraft_Designations Files
US Joint Designation System - Missiles & Rockets
nicely done list of designation schemes for missiles and rockets as well as a list of all designations assigned - down 7/00?
Globemaster US Military Aviation
nice database of aircraft operating units and military bases, as well as lots of links

U.S. Military Aviation History - general

US Military Aircraft
very thorough descriptions and histories
Military Aircraft Database
another excellent reference, covering aircraft of all nations
US Aircraft
fairly comprehensive list of US military aircraft with specs for most - text only - down 7/00?
Alex's Future American Aircraft Page
American Aircraft of WWII
excellent site covering the whole range of WWII aircraft
comprehensive specs, data, and info on all American military and civil aircraft

U.S. Military Aviation History - service-specific

USAF Museum Archives Gallery
comprehensively covers all earlier US pursuit, bomber, and fighter aircraft
U.S. Navy History
huge of archive of US Naval history
United States Naval Aviation 1910-1995
authoritative - online publication in .PDF format
Navy Fact File: Contents
Vulture's Row Home Page
comprehensive source for Naval aviation
US Naval Aviation Chronology files
lavishly detailed history of Naval aviation in a timeline form - text only, though
Darryl Shaw's Naval Air homepage
United States Navy Patrol Squadrons
lots of info on past ASW and patrol aircraft
United States Navy: The Blue Angels History
the official Blue Angels page
US Marine Corps Fact Files
US Military Aircraft
up-to-date info on current aircraft programs
U.S. Coast Guard Aviation

Aviation History - type-specific

The RotorHead
Helicopter History Site
Outstanding site that comprehensively covers the history of the helicopter!
Naval Helicopter Association
some good info on USN, USMC, and USCG helicopters
V/STOL History
The X-Planes Data Site
Explaining X-planes
<u>Aerospace America</u> article
another Andreas article that traces the history of fixed-wing gunships
Tier drones -- Summary
yet another Andreas article about the Tier drones program and its history
USAF UAV Battlelab - Information on UAVs
some info on current UAVs
WIG Page
Wing In Ground effect craft need to be seen to be believed
Military Staff Planes
Airships: LTA: US
nice reference on Lighter Than Air (LTA) aircraft of the US (and world as well)
nice page with lots of information on the history of "flying wing" aircraft
Uncommon Aircraft
nice page with lots of info on some unusual aircraft
covers lots of amphibians

Aviation History - aircraft-specific

Tomcat's Lair
great page on my favorite airplane
Tomcat Alley - An YAAP Special dedicated to the F14 Tomcat
Welcome to one of the best F-14 Web pages!!!
The NEW F-14 Homepage
Tomcat Page
another nice Tomcat tribute page
The Cutting Edge
'nuff said
F-18 Breaking the Sound Barrier
cool picture/movie breaking the sound barrier...
SR-71 Blackbirds
beautiful plane - got me started on my aviation interest!
Blackbird - Past, Present & Future
SR-71 page
groom lake - Black Dawn - stealth aircraft
great site with huge amounts of info on "black" aviation and space projects
The Skunk Works Web Ring Home Page
links to many Skunk Works-related pages
Mystery Aircraft History
some nice histories of "black" aircraft programs
Mach 1.0 and Beyond
pretty nice tribute to Chuck Yeager and the X-1
A-10 Warthog Homepage
the 'hog rules...
nicely done site on the F-84 and its many production and experimental variants
Hornet Hyperlink
nice "official?" F/A-18 page done by NAVAIR Pax River
YF-23 Archive
I still like it better than the YF-22...
Flying Stories
lots of great stories, concentrating on the B-58, B-52, and RF-4
Skyhawk Association
nice page dedicated to the development and history of the A-4 Skyhawk
The Aviation Zone
great site dedicated to military transports past and present
C130 Hercules Headquarters
lots of info and images of the Herk!
nice page on the ACH-47A Go-Go-Bird (gunship-modified Chinook)
B-17 Pictures, Information, Missions - B-24
p2vneptune.org: The Lockheed P2V Neptune

World Aviation History

Aircraft Identifier
nice page that aids in visually identifying unknown aircraft
World's Air Forces
very informative page with the inventories of all the world's air forces, designations for some foreign aircraft, and other info as well
Armed forces of the world
information on almost every nation's armed forces
Virtual Aircraft Museum
nicely done page with loads of info and images of US, Soviet, and international aircraft
Skytamer Images
some nice aviation photos, as well as airshow info, trivia, and more
The Plane Page
Aviation History On-Line Museum
lots of info on historic aircraft
Wright Brothers Photography
Encyclopedia of World Aviation
In Russian (Cyrillic 1251), but really nice
Aeroflight Home Page
AvHistory Home Page
informative site devoted to WWI and WWII aircraft
A Century of Aviation History
Andreas' Aerospace Page
lots of information on various aviation topics here
First Flight Anniversary - December 17, 2003
info on the events and history surrounding the centennial of powered manned flight
Luft '46
lots of info on the more unconventional, and often well ahead of their time, designs of German aircraft manufacturers of the WWII era


United States Air Force Museum
Wright-Patterson AFB - simply awesome!
National Air & Space Museum
the great museum in DC
Garber Restoration Facility
The Smithsonian's restoration facility - nicely done page
AeroWeb: The Aviation Enthusiast Corner
the best place for museum and aircraft spotting info
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
Coastal Computers, Inc. - Preserved US Military Aircraft
Awesome page listing aircraft by type and where you can find them, as well as great links to museums and info
The National Warplane Museum
great page loaded with info on planes, upcoming airshows, and more
great page with online exhibits of aircraft
Western Museum of Flight
nice page for a great museum - new home of the YF-23
Museum of Flying
Castle Air Museum Images
Deleware Valley Historical Aircraft Association - some nice aircraft here!
San Diego Aerospace Museum
Pacific Coast Air Museum
Pima Air Museum Exhibit Guide
This excellent museum is on the outskirts of Davis-Monthan AFB, a huge "boneyard" in the Arizona desert. The site lists all of the aircraft on exhibit, but no images are available... :-(
The Air Museum Planes of Fame
American Airpower Heritage Museum
The Russian Air Force Museum outside of Moscow. I would kill to visit... :-)
Virginia Aviation Museum
Duxford - Welcome to Europe's top aviation museum

Image Archives

DefenseLINK Photos
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive
great source for images of experimental aircraft
Ames Imaging Library Server - Digital Library
Edwards AFB gallery
more experimental aircraft
ACC Multimedia Gallery
Air Force Link Photos - Aircraft
United States Navy- Digital Images
the official source for Naval images, including aircraft, ships, missiles, and personnel
Army Fixed Wing aircraft photo album
covers most of the fixed-wing aircraft used by the U.S. Army
a great archive of aviation photography; used to be exclusively commercial but a new military section is now opened :-)
Jeremy Harkin's Military Aircraft Archive
huge amount of aircraft images categorized by era
AeroWeb: The Aviation Enthusiast Corner
the best place for museum and aircraft spotting info
FotoSearch Aviation Stock Image Photos
Watson's Military Page
great page, with a concentration on Russian/Soviet aviation
The Cutting Edge: Above & Beyond
very nicely done page
FLUG REVUE: Aircraft Gallery
Airshow Action Photo Gallery by Peter Steehouwer
Phil's Military Aircraft Page
another nice image archive - mostly personal pictures
The Warplane Picture Gallery
Wobert's Aviation Homepage
lots of info and images here
The Aeronut - Antiques, Classics, Warbirds, and Jets - in Flight
The Danger Zone!
Real Cockpits
Aircraft Images Archive
Boeing Product Photo Gallery
large amount of aircraft images, past and present, including Boeing, McDD, Douglas, and more...
Planes and things
some interesting pics here
Buzz Nau's aviation photos
Tomas Aircombat moviepage
some pretty cool air combat movies available for viewing/download
Vege's "Military Aircraft Picture Archive"
lots of images - not all have descriptions, though

Military Links

"Benefiting the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard"
Air Force Link
official web site of the United States Air Force
U.S. Navy: Welcome Aboard
official web site of the US Navy
Patuxent River NAWCAD Home Page
where I work - main US naval aviation test and evaluation facility
Flight Test
informative page on the Navy's various flight test programs
Andrews AFB, MD
home of Air Force One
The AMARC Experience
A great site with lots of info and images on the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Centre at Davis-Monthan AFB
Microsoft TerraServer Image Page
cool satellite imagery of Davis-Monthan AFB
Ft Rucker Internet
nice page on "The home of Army Aviation."
355th Wing Home Page - Tours
home page of Davis-Monthan AFB, where hundreds of classic planes lie in state in their "graveyard"
US Naval Air Station Wildwood
Flying Fiends
dedicated to the Flying Fiends of the 36 Tactical Fighter Squadron

Aviation Manufacturer Links

The Boeing Company
Lockheed Martin Corporation
McDonnell Douglas
I think this points to Boeing's page now that they've merged...
Northrop Grumman
not sure if this works or not...
Raytheon Home Page
Bell Helicopter Textron
Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical
Kaman's History of Rotary Wing Innovation

Ukrainian and Russian aviation and military

Aviation Industry in Ukraine
cool page with lots of pics
Russian Aviation Page
comprehensive page on Russian/Soviet aviation - a must see
History of Aviation : Russia
Watson's Military Page
great page, with a concentration on Russian/Soviet aviation
Russian Aircraft Resource
good amount of photographs and info here
Russian Aviation Research
Airbase Russia
State of the Russian Navy Data Page
a great page covering all aspects of the Russian Navy
Russian Weapons Catalog
comprehensive site covering all major weapons categories of the Russian armed forces - now a pay site, though (?!)

Aviation Link Sites and General Resources

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Aviation
source of huge amounts of links categorized by aviation topic
The Aviation Home Page - Federal & Military...
comprehensive list of links here...
-=- @viation -=-
another great source for aviation links and info
Elevon -- Aviation on the Internet
extensive source of aviation links
Frrodo's Military Aircraft Page
links galore to anything military aviation-related
Globemaster US Military Aviation
nice database of aircraft operating units and military bases, as well as lots of links
Phil's Aviation Links Page
another nice source for aviation links
Goleta Air and Space Museum
awesome links galore here
The Plane Page
great resource for anything aviation-related
lots of stuff here - sort of oriented towards pilots
Aircraft Page
The Hangar - YOUR Aviation Encyclopedia!
another great site - primarily WWII aviation
"Aviation Top 100, Search for N-numbers & 8000+ links, Pictures + Much more"
AvStop Aviation Magazine Online
nice French site on military aviation
"The one stop teaching tool for student pilots on the World Wide Web"
AIAA -- The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aviation Publications Online

Jane's Information Group Home Page
publishers of the authoritative Jane's guides on every type of military equipment platform imaginable
Jane's News Briefs
the authoritative source
Aviation Week & Space Technology
AKA Aviation Leak - *the* source for up-to-date info on anything aviation- or space-related
Air and Space Magazine Home Page
another great aviation mag online

Hank Caruso's Aerocatures
one of the best aviation illustrators out there
Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes and More
nice page by the world record holder for duration aloft by a paper airplane - even has instructions for his record-breaking plane
Battlefield Store
"Military Antiques, Military Memorabilia, Military Books and Collectibles"
Ed's Nike Missile Web Site
Raymer Aircraft Conceptual Design
source for one of the standard text on aircraft design
Fort MacArthur Military Press
Pacifica Military History
"Publisher of Military History Books You Can Trust"
Military aviation collectibles
links and info here
Civil War Books from C. Clayton Thompson
All Hands - Navy Ranks - Officers
All Hands - Navy Ranks - Enlisted
Officer Rank Insignia
Enlisted Rank Insignia

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